Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day, Take Two!

It’s another snow day around here!  The snow is so beautiful!  AND the sun is shining today, so that makes everything even MORE beautiful outside!  I am so thankful that I have a warm house to snuggle up in and that it is my decision to leave said warm, snuggly house or not!

The warehouse was also calling for a snow day yesterday (not that I would have braved the roads if they were open)! So, that meant a fun home workout!  I started with 30 minutes on the elliptical.

2011January 0412011January 051

Then I did the following exercises three times:

2011January 058

  • Chest press on balance ball – 25 lb DB, 15 times
  • Triceps Kick Backs – 12 lb DB, 15 times
  • One Arm Row – 25 lb DB, 15 times
  • Sumo Squat – 30lb DB, 15 times

I forgot to do a bicep exercise, so I did a set of bicep curls with the last set using 15lb DB for 15 reps.  I also did one minutes of jump rope after the first set and then ran my karate moves after the second set.  I was going to hop back on the elliptical after the third set, but I was tired and hungry!


I drank some BCAA’s and glutamine while I worked out.

2011January 040

My first meal was oats with protein powder and a banana.2011January 059

Then it was time to bundle up and get outside to enjoy the snow!  Something I noticed yesterday: we only saw 4 kids outside playing. When I was a kid, I loved playing in the snow. Where are all kids?!  Xbox?! Wii?! Nintendo?! Computers?!  Sad smile 

We may not be kids anymore, but we were ready to get outside! Justin wanted to get a head start on the shoveling too because we were in for almost a foot of snow throughout the day! We put the girls in the snow suits and headed outside!

2011January 0662011January 0672011January 0732011January 076

Katy was not too happy about the cold or the snow!  Piper loved it!  2011January 0642011January 0622011January 0682011January 075

When Justin was done in the front, we all headed to the back yard!  The girls were not as excited about it as I was!   They wanted to hang on the deck, while I ran around the yard! We knew the girls were done, when Justin and I were running around trying to make paths (so they have a place to potty) and they were both on the deck staring at us like we were crazy!

2011January 080

It was nice to be outside and get some fresh air!

2011January 0612011January 0792011January 077

2011January 081

Once inside, it was time to eat again!  I ate shredded buffalo chicken with brown rice noodles and a salad.

2011January 0022011January 003

My third meal was buffalo chicken with brown rice noodles again with Brussels sprouts (forgot to capture the Brussels sprouts).

2011January 008

I had mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert!

2011January 011

It was a great snow day and I am ready for another one!  Time to put the snow suits on, we are headed out again!

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