Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day #3!!

Today is actually a “cold” day!  We are well below zero here in Kansas City with the wind chill.  Way to cold for kiddos to be standing out at the bus stop!  It’s way to cold for animals too.  I wish I could explain that to my cat, Brutis. He has cabin fever so bad!  He just walks around whining, begging to go outside.  I let him out this morning and then watched out the window to see what he was going to do.  He disappeared around the garage and then a couple of minutes later, came racing back to the door!  He went right back to walking around the house, whining.  Ugh!  He has finally chilled out and is now relaxing on my desk!


Yesterday was great!  I put the girls in the snow suits and we headed outside to watch Justin shovel snow.  Justin was so sore from the previous day (shoveling + lifting weights = sore body!) so I jumped in and helped.  It was a great workout!  We ran around with the girls for a bit so they could get some exercise and then headed to the back yard to make some potty paths for them.  It may sound silly, but they are pretty low to the ground, so their little bottoms would be touching the snow if we didn’t make paths! Here is a picture from later in the day, sporting their pink winter coats! 

2011January 022

2011January 0242011January 025

They appreciated those paths!

2011January 029

I must admit, I counted that shoveling as my morning cardio, and felt guilty about it all day.  So, I decided to watch The Biggest Loser from the elliptical to make up for it!  Justin wanted to do it too, so he walked beside me on the treadmill.  If you watch The Biggest Loser, you know it is a 2 hour show!  We only made it one hour.  We liked doing it so much, and we always watch TV together in the evening, that we decided to do that every night! 

For breakfast, I had oats with protein.

2011January 007

For a snack, I had grapes and nuts.

2011January 0182011January 019

For my second meal, I had salmon, roasted Brussels sprouts and roasted sweet potatoes.

2011January 020

I snacked on some peanuts and drank some Extend with glutamine in the afternoon.  I also chewed some dessert gum. For my last meal, I had buffalo chicken with baby romaine lettuce.

2011January 031


2011January 032

Justin and I are LOVING our Bogs:

2011January 009

These are the best boots we have had in a long time!  They keep our feet warm and dry in any weather condition.  We bought them for the rain, but are loving them in the snow!  They are so easy to get on and off (notice the nifty handles)!  The women’s come in such fun patterns too!

Time for morning cardio and then I am headed to the warehouse this morning!  I can’t wait!  I have been snowed in for long enough!!


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