Sunday, January 23, 2011

sniffle, sniffle…sneeze!

Darn!  I am sick. 

Not sick, sick, but runny nose, heavy head sick. Sad smile 

Hopefully it’s a quick one!  I start with Diana on Wednesday, so I don’t have time for this! 

I didn’t do any exercise yesterday.  I thought I was going to, but I was starting not to feel good and I didn’t want to run myself down anymore!

My diet looked like this:

Meal #1: Egg whites, turkey bacon, gluten free toast

2011January 004

Meal #2: Bean-less chili with brown rice

2011January 005

Meal #3: Veggie salad with Newman’s Own Oil/Vinegar salad dressing

2011January 007

Meal #4: Egg whites, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts

2011January 010

I spent a lot of time knitting yesterday.  I figured out how to make ear warmer bands and they are super cute and comfortable! (excuse my look in the pictures, remember, I’m sick!)

2011January 0162011January 0172011January 0182011January 0192011January 0202011January 021

Here is the set I finished for a friend (there are choices for the hat!):

2011January 0222011January 0232011January 0252011January 024

So that’s what I did most of yesterday and what I will be doing for most of today as well!

I’m not posting progress pictures today because I don’t feel good!  Taking the above pictures is about all the energy I feel like expending today!  Back to bed I go!


  1. get well! the chili with brown rice looks AWESOME. AND i love them new ear warmers!!! love the glittery KU colors!

  2. Oh get to feeling better lady, sending healthy vibes your way! Love, love, love the set- it's perfect! Now decisions, decisions on the hats- they are both adorable, I will have to think on this one!

    How much are ear warmers?

  3. Thanks, Vann and Christy! I am selling the ear warmers for $10. They are knitted so they almost take longer than making an entire hat!

    Also, I start back at Hitch Fit this Wednesday at 10am. I will be there every Wednesday and Friday at 10am . Are you able to meet at that time? If not, I can meet you some where else. Just let me know, what works best for you!

    Talk to you soon!

  4. Will try to make it down this week if I can!