Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Running Late!

2011January 002

Good Morning!!!

I’m running late!  I enjoy reading blogs and writing in this blog and stalking around on Facebook so muc, that keep finding myself behind in the morning! Yikes!

Yesterday started out great!  I did a 30 minute interval cardio program on the elliptical and then cooled off for 5 minutes.  It felt great!  I had an early hair appointment, so I raced around and got everyone ready for their day, ate an apple and headed out the door.  I love getting my hair done!  My plan was to lift weights after, but my hair looked so good, I didn’t want to mess it up!

So, I fixed a breakfast sandwich instead!

  • Gluten free toast
  • Egg whites
  • Turkey bacon

2011January 004

And some GRAPES!

2011January 001


Justin and I ran a couple of errands and I was starving by the time we got home!  I ate some ground turkey with brown rice, peas and carrots and a salad with baby romaine, green olives and vinaigrette.  I evidently was too hungry to take a picture!

In fact, I  didn’t take any more pictures of my food at all yesterday, besides these pumpkin seeds that I snacked on in the afternoon!  I definitely need to eat more today (I think I said that yesterday!)!  I am finding myself WAY too hungry!

2011January 006


It’s always right after I’m done eating when I say “doh” I wanted to take a picture of that!  Oh well!  Dinner was soooo good too! I had three corn tortillas (warmed up in the microwave to soften) filled with ground turkey, baby romaine, a little cheddar cheese and hot salsa!  They were so good (and pretty)!  I’ll eat that meal again today so I can take a picture!

I was a little cranky yesterday afternoon.


I chewed on some Key Lime Pie gum (from Extra) and it hit the spot!  But, it didn’t take away the snippy attitude!  Justin and I are both feeling it right now, so it makes for some colorful conversations! Angel  We both had killer headaches yesterday too.  Fun stuff!  We recognize what is happening and know that this feeling will pass.  We just can’t give in to the craving or we won’t move through it!  Sugar free gum for EVERYONE!

It’s time to hop on the elliptical!  I was down two more pounds this morning!  So, that 7lbs for the week! 

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    i love tacos like that! I have them all the time!