Sunday, January 9, 2011

Progress Pictures!

Here are the first progress pictures for 2011!  They are embarrassing to post, but it is important for me to be honest with myself about where I am starting. These pictures WILL get better! If I know I will be publishing them for the world to see, it will make me work that much harder!  I will post progress pictures each Sunday.


Ugh!  Okay, so there is a lot of work to be done on my body (and my hair!) but how about that POSING!!  Yikes!  Another good reason to take these pictures! Not only am I uncomfortable with how I look (knowing I am getting ready to put these pictures out for the world to judge), but the 5 inch heels are not helping!!  I need to spend more time in those shoes!

2011January 011





Last year I took my profile pictures in blue, this year I am opting for black!  It’s slimming don’t ya think?! Winking smile








My diet was just okay yesterday.  Still did not get enough meals in! I did get my BCAA’s and glutamine in (thanks to Justin!).  One good thing though, I am not having any cravings!  I’m not even thinking about anything other than what I know I can eat!

I started the day off with a banana. Yum.

2011January 002

Then I started crocheting.  I got waaaay caught up in making some stuff for one of my sisters, that is going to a playoff game today, that time totally got a way from me.

I did manage to put down a bowl of oats with protein powder (but forgot to take a picture of it!).

2011January 002

Then I met my other sister, Vann, so I could give her fiancé my computer to see if he can retrieve my files – which he can! – and we did a little store browsing.  By the time I got home, I was starving! 

Justin fixed me egg whites, turkey bacon and gluten free toast.  Sorry same picture as yesterday (and the day before!)!

2011January 004

I crocheted and watched movies the rest of the day.  Totally ignoring the pile of laundry I was supposed to do!  Lucky for me, it’s waiting patiently for me today! boo!

I snacked on some nuts while we fixed dinner.  Dinner was soooo good!  Tuna steaks with 1 tablespoon on each side of Teriyaki, sweet potatoes and a salad!

2011January 003

2011January 006

Let me just apologize to all the tuna steak lovers out there, I like my tuna steak well done!  I can hear the groaning from here and heard plenty of it last night from the cook, but I don’t care…no purple middle for this girl!

After dinner, we spent the evening veggin’ in front of the TV and I crocheted some more!

When I opened the door to let the girls out this morning, we were all surprised that it had snowed!

2011January 012

Now, they are cuddled in their bed all warm and toasty!

2011January 013


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