Saturday, January 22, 2011

Much Better!

I feel a lot better this morning (compared to yesterday morning!).  I slept so good last night.  I am still feeling tired and a little sore, but don’t feel the need to cry about it, so that is an upgrade!

The scale is not budging.  I should just stay off it for the next couple of days because it’s not going to go anywhere!

Yesterday, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical (reluctantly).  Twenty minutes is better than zero minutes!  Then I headed to the warehouse. I was a little mopey while I warmed up but having all the girls there energized me and I ended up having an awesome workout!

We did the following, 6 times:

  • The Matrix (shoulder exercise)
  • Round a bouts
  • Lat pull downs
  • Kamikazes (crazy pushups)
  • Up and Overs on the box
  • Bose ball alphabet
  • Wood choppers (3 directions)

When we had gone through 6 times, we had to get on the treadmill.  It worked out perfectly yesterday, everyone had a workout buddy!  So, two at a time were on the treadmill.  One person ran for 1 minute, then the other person ran for 1 minute.  So, we were able to rest for 1 minute each time.  It was hard.  The incline was set at 15% and the pace was 6.0.  So it was like jogging up hill! I was dying.  I only did the full minute twice and then I would jump off for a couple of seconds and then jump back on!  Definitely something to work on!  We were supposed to do it 15 times each, but me and the girl I was with only did it 8 because it was getting late and we both needed to get out of there!  Two hours in there is my limit and then I need to get on with my day!

My diet, yesterday, looked like this:

Meal #1: Banana (I spent so much time whining, I didn’t have time to eat before I worked out!)

2011January 004

Meal #2: Egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast (old picture, I forgot to take a new one!)

2011January 002

Meal #3: Oats and protein (I mixed chocolate protein powder with vanilla ice cream protein powder!!  Oh my TuMMY, IT WAS YUMMY!!)

2011January 0022011January 003

Meal #4: Chicken breast, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts

2011January 006

Meal #5: Bean-less chili (Justin made it with super lean hamburger), brown rice noodles

2011January 008

We both love chili, but our usual way of making it is with three different types of beans and that is just way too many carbs right now.  Justin decided to make a bean-less chili so we can control the carbs.  Last night I chose to use left over brown rice noodles.  It was sooooo GOOD!

Our amaryllis is blooming again!

2011January 010

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  1. yum! your chili looks awesome! i always use 3 diff beans too- depending on my mood- usually dark kidney, black beans and pinto. beanless sounds good.
    BEAUTIFUL flower!