Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Have a Confession

I did not do 35 minutes of morning cardio yesterday. Boooooo!


I wasted too much time on this computer again!  I just love drinking coffee and reading blogs first thing in the morning.  It has to stop!  I HAVE to get in the cardio I am supposed to do each day.  No excuses!!

In other news, I am so sore!  We did a couple of oblique exercises yesterday and they are screaming at me today!  That’s a good place to be sore though!

My diet was good yesterday.  I am up two pounds this morning.  I think too much salt and not enough water (probably also explains the soreness!).

I had a banana before heading to the warehouse.

2011January 002

When I got home, I had an apple while preparing my breakfast of 2 corn tortillas, egg whites and turkey bacon.

2011January 003

I didn’t get a picture of the meal before I ate it, so here are the ingredients!

2011January 004

I snacked on some salty pumpkin seeds while warming up my next meal of ground turkey, brown rice, peas and carrots.  This was a big bowl of food!  I was so hungry and feeling like I wasn’t eating enough at each meal, but this was a little too much! ha!  I was definitely full after this meal!

2011January 007

So full that I didn’t really feel like eating again, but Justin made me.  So I fixed myself a protein shake with  two scoops of protein, 1/2 a banana (only because I walked around eating the first half whining about not being hungry enough to eat) and frozen strawberries.  I was too busy whining to take a picture!Princess

I really didn’t feel like eating dinner either, but Justin started cooking his and I got HUNGRY! He was fixing a tuna melt for himself. (wheat bread, 2 cans tuna, 1 tablespoon Miracle Whip, a little dill relish and then string cheese melted on top).

2011January 014

His looked and smelled so good and made me want tuna.  So, I ate this:

2011January 011

It’s one can of tuna with spicy mustard and dill pickle relish, green olives and BBQ Nut thins!  It was so good and hit the spot!

The workout at the warehouse was awesome (as usual!).  We did the following circuit 5 times:

In squat position, cross the body punches with dumb bells

Kettle bell side bends

Chin ups

Cable bicep curls

One legged squat with jump

Plank to Pushup

Torso twist (on all fours, one hand behind head, twist down like you are smelling your armpit so your elbow is pointing down and then twist up and look at the ceiling so your elbow is pointing up)

Jane Fondas (squat while being on the tip toe of one your feet and that leg is turned out to side)

Cobras (with belly/hip area on balance ball, bend forward and then raise up extending your arms to the side and palms up)

200 jump rope

80 high knees

5 sprints

We ran errands and I got a crochet project done.  Here is an MU set a girl ordered.  It’s a hat, scarf and fingerless gloves!  It turned out so cute!  The black yarn is sparkly!

2011January 016

Cardio time!


  1. I love the pic with katy and piper in the background! :)
    Also love the MU gear! But don't tell Matt :)
    What are nut thins? Are those like rice cakes? Justin's tuna melt looks yummy!
    I like seeing what you eat!!

  2. Hi Stacey,

    I'm a Hitch Fit gal too (I worked with Steph), just finished my transformation end of November. Denise Fields gave me your blog addy and I love reading it!

    I have to say I love that MU set, what do you charge for a set like that? My son's school mascot is Tigers and would love to have a set like this. Also interested in a KU set for a special friend, let me know!

    Christy Dillman

  3. Oops meant to include my email from you,!