Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

  2010NewOrleans 178

I lived it up this past week!  It was the last hurrah before competition prep!

2010NewOrleans 086

First there was the search for the best Bloody Mary:

2010NewOrleans 0072010NewOrleans 0192010NewOrleans 0372010NewOrleans 038

Bubba Gump’s won!  (This is only our opinion, of course!) Deeeeeelicious!

There was a lot of drinking

2010NewOrleans 0262010NewOrleans 0532010NewOrleans 0972010NewOrleans 0562010NewOrleans 1622010NewOrleans 152

And there was a lot of eating

We had delicious sandwiches at Luke’s.

2010NewOrleans 0642010NewOrleans 066

Fried goodies at Deanie’s (I remembered to take a picture 1/2 way through the meal)  Justin and I shared this!

2010NewOrleans 0802010NewOrleans 081

Justin got a street dog.  I am disappointed in myself for not getting one.  I just never wanted to waste the stomach space on a hot dog!

2010NewOrleans 118

Of course, we had beignets at Café Du Monde!  Can’t go to NOLA and not go here!  (we have been twice so I think I’m an expert!)

2010NewOrleans 122

Fried chicken at Willie Mae’s Scotch House.  Best fried chicken EVER!  Justin saw this last year on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives so we had to check it out and it was so good, we had to come back this year!

2010NewOrleans 1302010NewOrleans 131

BBQ Shrimp at Pascal’s Manale.  Justin got the steak special.

2010NewOrleans 1472010NewOrleans 149

New Year’s Eve dinner was at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse.  The neopolitan salad is the best salad I have ever eaten!  I didn’t get a picture of my main course, but believe me it was delicious!  I got the filet with creamed spinach, and potatoes.  We also tried a few desserts for the table.  Justin and I got the pear sorbet and it came in this little delicious waffle bowl.  Someone else got the coconut cake and someone else got the bananas foster bread pudding (of which I also didn’t get a picture).

2010NewOrleans 1662010NewOrleans 1672010NewOrleans 168

Besides drinking and eating, we did A LOT of walking and store browsing!

2010NewOrleans 011

2010NewOrleans 040

2010NewOrleans 134

We had a blast and hope to do it again next year!

2010NewOrleans 182

2010NewOrleans 185


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