Friday, January 7, 2011

The Dell is Dead

Yesterday was a sad day for my Dell computer.  It died.  I did everything I could for it (read as: spent hours on the phone with tech support), but it was too late.  So, I hippety hopped to the closest Best Buy and welcomed a new Toshiba to the family!  I have been a pretty big fan of Dell for quite a few years, but after reviewing the options at the store, the Toshiba was the best fit. I have been very spoiled by Dell.  I have always ordered off their site.  So, I just clicked on all the stuff I thought I needed and that would usually include a whole bunch of programs I never used and big fat memory that I never came close to needing.  So, we wasted a bunch of money, basically!  Yesterday, we got a really great guy that walked around with us and talked to us about all the computers and after I told him what I use mine for, he selected either their Dell or this Toshiba.  The Toshiba was less money and less beefy, but perfect for how I use it!  Now, I need to find someone to get all my data and PICTURES off the Dell.   Also, I am getting an external hard drive ASAP!  I hate it that most of my pictures are sitting in that computer and I may not be able to recover them! :(

Okay, on to workouts and FOOD!

I did 35 minutes of steady state cardio yesterday morning and that was all the exercise for the day.  We had to go to a funeral.  Some friends of ours lost their 19 year old son in a car accident.  It is devastating and my heart aches with them.  No one should have to bury their child and it is so hard to watch our friends in so much pain.

After morning cardio, I ate some oats with chocolate protein powder.

2011January 002 2011January 003

When we got home, around noon, I ate egg whites, turkey bacon and gluten free toast.

2011January 004

Then I started in on trying to save my computer.  I ate some pumpkin seeds and an apple to give me strength and patience during the phone conversation with India tech support.

For dinner, I ate brown rice noodles, ground turkey and roasted broccoli.

 2011January 007

The girls were hoping I was going to drop that plate!

I connected with Diana yesterday and we set up my start date: January 26th!!  I am so excited!  She sent me a super motivational email and stuff for me start doing right now.  Like getting in glutamine, BCAA’s and essential fatty oils everyday, getting my cardio in and sticking to the diet she sent me last year!  I’m even more pumped now!  This is going to be a great competition season!


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