Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Week, Another Snow Day!

2011January 015

I woke up to a beautiful white landscape this morning!

There is a lot of shoveling in our future today!  First things first, though, the Girls have to potty!  So, I quickly got busy clearing a path on the deck and making potty paths in the yard. Katy and Brutis chose to watch me from INSIDE! (Piper didn’t even want to get THAT close!)

2011January 017

The snow started around 1pm yesterday and snowed all afternoon, all night and it was still snowing when I woke up this morning.  It has finally stopped!  I am soooo glad I don’t have to get out!  I know I say that every time it snows, but I MEAN IT!  I was snuggled up in my house all night and will be doing more of the same today!  I love snow days! Red heart

The girls went to the “salon” yesterday and got their hair cut! They were pretty tired and not in the mood to be photographed when they got home.

2011January 014

I finally got their attention, though!  Pretty Girls!


Before the snow started, I went to the warehouse and got in a workout!  It was a sneaky little workout.  As I looked around, I noticed there were only five exercises.  I’m thinking, okay, that’s not too bad.  Then I noticed one of the girls was on the treadmill that usually gets there the same time as I do, so I commented on how early she must have arrived to be doing her cool down already.  She informed me that we were STARTING on the treadmill!  Oh no….that was NOT good news.  I soon found out that I was in for a beating! He had us do 4 sets of the following:

  • 10 minutes on either the elliptical or treadmill (set at an incline of his choice and a speed of his choice!  HARD and HARDER)
  • One arm row (35lb, reps: 25 – I started at 35 and then went down to 25 each time, sometimes even 20lb!)
  • Inverted row (reps: 25)
  • Triceps cable push down (55lb, reps: 25)
  • Box jumps (reps: 25; if I had to pick just one exercise I hate the most it would be a tie between these and burpees!)
  • Abs (whatever he chose, until one of the cardio machines opened up!)

I was soaked with sweat after the first round!  It also took a long time, so by the third round, I was starting to get nervous that they were going to send our client’s home early and it was going to start snowing and I had a couple of errands to run before that happened.  (Lots of things running through my mind!) So, I told Ryan I was going to cut it short, thinking I was going to leave right then and instead he made me do one more speed round (cut all the reps to 10 instead of 25) and then hop on the elliptical for a super hard finisher!  I was glad I stayed when it was over.  Sure enough, though, when I called my husband, the day hab had called and our clients were on their way home!  I still managed to get the couple of errands ran that I needed, so everything worked out!  I was getting home just as the snow was starting!

My diet looked like this:

Meal #1: Oats and protein, banana

2011January 0072011January 004

Meal #2:  Egg whites, turkey bacon, gluten free toast

2011January 002

Meal #3: Turkey italian sausage, brown rice noodles, peppers/onion, black olives

2011January 003

Meal #4: Grapes, Veggie salad

2011January 0062011January 008

Meal #5: Chicken breast (seasoned with Mrs. Dash Table Blend), broccoli, brown rice noodles

2011January 012

I am feeling tired this week.  I am getting close to “that time of the month”, so it’s to be expected, but it just makes everything harder! 

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  1. Ahhh..if only my meals looked like yours I'd be buff as that guy on Jersey Shore.

    I love box jumps though, I like the way you can feel it in your abs. Burpees...another story.