Saturday, December 4, 2010


I am definitely feeling the effects of 4 days at the warehouse and 1 night in the cardio class! My body is SORE! Yesterday, I was nauseous and tired most of the day. I tried to eat every couple of hours but I ended up eating 2 pieces of pizza for dinner. :(

Today is a new day! I am going to eat well and fill up with glutamine, eletrolytes and vitamins! It is coming up on my time of the month and I can feel myself retaining water and feeling run down. My goal is to keep trying to lose, but definitely not GAIN! It's a tough time of the month to worry about losing weight. I'm just going to keep plugging along getting my workouts in and eating well and let my body do what it needs to do!

I am going to rest this weekend and just do some light work on the elliptical and then teach my yoga class tomorrow. My neighbor is coming over this morning to use our weight equipment so that will be a good time for me to hop on the elliptical. She is competing in the Spring as well, so it's fun to talk to her about stuff. She has competed quite a few times, so she has a lot of good advice! I am going to get some mashed sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli cooked up so I have meals to eat and don't find myself with pizza in my hand again!

The trainers at the warehouse are putting a new plan together for me next week. M, W, F, I'll do what everyone else is doing and then T and Th I'll do strength training with cardio. I'm still going to run my 3-4 miles on T and Th and maybe more days if my body is feeling good. I'm also going to hit up that cardio class again on Thursday night. I really need to get 10lb off this month, so I need to get lots of workouts in and lots of clean food to fuel those workouts!

I am going to remember to drink some electrolytes and glutamine today! I really felt depleted yesterday.

I'm probably going to be experiencing A LOT of soreness this week as my body adjusts to all the new workouts! I like it!! It makes me feel like I'm making progress.

Happy Saturday! Oh and tonight is date night! Yay!!


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