Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am on cup #2 of coffee this morning (which in this big 'ol cup is almost 4 cups)!
Sometimes I go to bed thinking about how I can't wait to wake up and drink coffee!
Do you ever crave a sandwich? I do! And, yesterday was one of those days. Now, I know that deli meat is not a great choice of meat...nitrates, salt, gluten, blah, blah, blah. BUT, I make myself feel better by buying the DeLusso brand which is more expensive and gluten free so everything else gets canceled out! :)

I worked out at the warehouse yesterday morning. One of the trainers turned 30, so we had to do 30 reps of 30 excercises! I can't even remember all the exercises or I would list them out for you. I hopped on the elliptical for 10 minutes before I left. I was sweaty and feeling like a noodle, so it was a good one. I had only eaten a banana before I left, so I was pretty hungry by the time I got home. Like I previously stated, I was craving a SANDWICH, so I made this bad boy:

Oops, I forgot I wanted to take a picture! I was so hungry that this bite was all that was left when I remembered! It was delicious!

It was turkey (low salt), ham, lettuce, colby jack cheese and a little miracle whip! All sandwiched in between gluten free bread!

When it was time to eat again, I was still in a sandwich mood, so I made another! This time I remembered the camera!

I also had a banana (which only had about another day in it's life it appears!) and some green olives!

We went over to Justin's Dad's for dinner. I ate 2 tacos, a cookie and a couple glasses wine. I didn't get any pictures of that meal, but it was delicious!
Today is the warehouse workout this morning, cardio class tonight, candy making and cookie baking! I have pretzels to be dipped in chocolate, peanut brittle and then sugar cookies to make and icing with royal icing. Fun stuff! After all the sugar I had last weekend and how crappy I felt on Monday, I have no desire to eat any, so I think I'll be fine today. I will be packaging all the goodies up for gifts. Chocolate covered pretzels are so easy and make such cute gifts. Everyone loves them!

I watched my brother in law eat brown rice with fried eggs last night (he is also planning to compete) and it looked so good. I'm thinking I will be eating that today. I'll probably add some peas and carrots to the mix. I'm getting hungry.

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  1. yum! that sandwich looks good. you have nice fingernails!! haha