Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gettin' Busy!

I LOVE December! So much excitement in the air! BUT along with all that excitement comes a lot of eating and drinking! So, starting yesterday, I am hitting the warehouse everyday that's not a holiday this month. Not only can I not gain one pound, but I need to LOSE 10lb! So, I will be working extra hard so I can enjoy myself at all the holiday festivities!

I was asked to teach the cardio class at my old karate school (it's already "old", ha!). I haven't been in there since September so I was kind of surprised that the instructor asked me to come in and teach it, but I am so honored as well! So, I took the class on Tuesday to kind of reaquaint myself with it and I have forgotten how much I LOVE that class! I am going to get my butt in there once a week for that class and see what my body thinks about that. I do not want to over do it, or I'll just end up burned out. I am going to see what my body thinks about working out at the warehouse everyday this month and then see what else I need to add in. I will still be running 3 or 4 times a week too.

It was soooo cold here Tuesday that I tried to run outside and only made it a half mile! I turned around and hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes! It was actually a great workout. I have forgotton how much that thing can kick my butt! I would still prefer to run outside, so I bought myself a face and neck cover. It looks pretty silly, but I'm confident it will keep me out there longer than 1/2 a mile!

Speaking of running, I better get out there. I think it's slightly above freezing this morning! Brrrrr


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