Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Week!

2010December 010There is always a fun buzz in the air during the week of Christmas!  No one really feels like working.  I love it!  I don’t work outside of my home anymore and this is the ONLY time of year I miss office life.  People are different during this week.  I used to prepare little gifts for each of the people in my office and get to work super early one of the days of this week and leave the gift on their desk.  It was always a hit! Seems like every day either clients or employees are bringing in fun treats and everyone gathers around and laughs and chit chats and not a whole lot of anything else gets done.  You get to see a different side of the people you work with! I may not be in an office anymore, but I can still feel the excitement! So, enjoy it all you office-working-people out there!

I worked out at the warehouse yesterday morning.  It was a good one (again!).  Kristin let us all know that everyday for the next 3 weeks is going to be hard!  That’s great because I need it!  I haven’t gained any weight, but I haven’t lost for a couple of weeks.  Sad smile  I need to kick it into high gear!  I am WAY behind on my weight loss plan.  I received an email from Diana (my trainer) yesterday getting the days of the week and time squared away for when I start my competition prep with her.  She mentioned the only thing left to do is set a start date.  I emailed her back and said we better get started in January!  That way we have a solid 4 months.


I only took one picture yesterday of my meals.  I am letting myself get too hungry and by the time I eat that is all I can think about!  I ate bean less chili with tortilla wraps for 2 meals and salad and a few of those spinach in wontons for one of the meals.  I also had a couple of Christmas cookies and candy throughout the day.

2010December 0012010December 0052010December 010

I put up Christmas lights on our bushes yesterday First time we have had lights on the outside of our house!  Yay!

2010December 002

I still need to work on them a bit, I think the middle bush is looking a little sad, but I am so excited to have outside Christmas lights!

Justin put a tree in our screened in porch with lights too!  (I’m rubbing off on him!)

2010December 006

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  1. I loooove the xmas tree on the screened in porch!! :)

    This week is why I love working in an office! We have things going on all week, everyone is constantly bringing in treats, wearing festive outfits... today I am wearing my reindeer antlers! tomorrow i am bringing in pretzel rod goodies for everyone and then a few closer coworkers are getting poppies :) we are also doing a cookie exchange tomorrow! :)