Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve!



The next three days will be so fun and filled with so much family!  We are very lucky to have our family close by especially during the holidays.  Some times we like to complain about our family and all the places we have to go each Christmas, but we know how lucky we are!  There are people out there with no family, so I am grateful that we are a couple with too much the perfect amount of family! Be right back

I hit up the warehouse yesterday and we did supersets of the following

Kettle bell swing with single leg Romanian dead lift

Incline bench with dumbbell lateral raise

Flat bench with pull ups

All the reps were 12/10/8/6 except the kettle bell swings and we did 4 sets of 30.  I feel like I am leaving a superset out.  I’ll have to check when I go in today. I only had to do the 4 sets of the kettle bell station once but the other two stations, I had to do twice.  Then they had me hop on the elliptical for a hard 20 minute program.

I was beat and HUNGRY by the time I got home.  The battery in my camera was dead, so I didn’t get a picture of my meal. Thumbs down  I ate a banana pre workout.  For my post workout meal, I ate egg whites, turkey bacon and gluten free toast.  It was yummy!

Besides the great workout, yesterday was not that exciting.

I did some napping and movie watching.

I did some knitting.

2010December 008

I got the rest of my Christmas shopping done.

2010December 001

Oh, and I received the cookies that I ordered from my friend Amy at O So Sweet Cookies.

2010December 003 

I ordered one half dozen of each cookie!  They will make beautiful gifts!

The only other meal I ate was another fat salad.  The rest of the day, I was snacky-snackerson with the chocolate covered treats I made! ‘Tis the Season!

2010December 013

I hope everyone has the day off and is spending it doing fun, Christmas related activities!



Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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  1. Stacy!!! I love the picture of Brutus and your girls!! :) They are all so pretty!