Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's talk crocheting!

I spent most of yesterday curled up in a recliner or my bed because I felt so blah all day. BUT! It wasn't a total loss of a day! I made myself go for a run (3 miles) and it was slow, but I felt pretty good after. I came home took my dogs for their walk/run and then ate a banana. I was really surprised how good I was feeling. I thought for sure I was going to be strapped to my heating pad all day begging for chocolate...but it never came! In fact, I only had one piece of chocolate all day! I felt really tired and a little nauseous and just blah all day and my appetite was super weird. Besides the banana and some popcorn, oh and that piece of chocolate....well, that's all I will discuss about my diet yesterday it was not good, and I certainly did not take any pictures of it!!

What I did do yesterday while curled up in my recliner or bed is CROCHET! I love crocheting. No matter how I am feeling, I can always crochet! I have soooo many adult-size hats. So yesterday I was working on kid-size hats.
This little pink/mulit colored hat has fingerless gloves to go with it!
This green/multi colored hat is crocheted in a ribbed pattern which makes it super thick and warm!
I thought I better get started making some christmas hats for kids too. The girls at the gym are already asking for them!
I ended up making one adult hat!
So that was my Thursday. It's rainy and cold here today which makes me want to make SOUP!


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