Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Increasing Mileage

I'm working on increasing my mileage during my runs. I was stuck at 3 miles and decided last week that if I want to run with my friends, I need to get busy! The people I surround myself with are running 6 miles, at least. So, I started running just a little bit farther each time and yesterday I ran 4 miles. I am going run the 4 miles this week and then increase to 5 miles next week. I have been running 3 days a week plus whatever running they have us a do at the warehouse. I take Sundays off and just teach my yoga class. My body seems to be responding well with this schedule. I haven't had any days where I am too exhausted to function! I have noticed that I am in bed and barely able to hold my eyes open at 8:30p though! I think that is a good sign. I get up at 6am everyday so I'm getting a good 9 1/2 hours of sleep! That's a lot of time to repair any damage I am causing!

Monday was awesome at the warehouse (as usual!). We did:
incline chest press
forearm to plank pushups
tricep push downs
oblique twists
situps to failure

We did that 4 times and then he had us to bicep and shoulder exercises with the bands and body weight leg exercises. There was a lot of holding poses with the bands and then a lot of hopping and jumping and holding poses with our legs as well. It was not fun! THEN he had us do about 20 different ab exercises. I was toast by the end! One of the girls wanted to go run after, so I went along too. If I want to get to where they are, I have to do what they do! We only ran 1 mile, but there was a gigantic hill in the middle of it (which I could not run all the way up), so it was a good one!

I got busy the rest of the day and did not eat enough! My diet was:
oats with protein powder
egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast
brown rice noodles, turkey italian sausage, salad (baby romaine with italian dressing)

I was across the street chatting with the neighbor ladies when I should have been eating 2 of my meals! Oops! I guess I need to pack a lunch when I go over there to chit chat!

Tuesday I ran 4 miles in the morning. It felt so good. I love these cold mornings for running! I layer on the clothes and head out! I spent the rest of the day working and crocheting.

I found that I wasn't really hungry yesterday so I got off my schedule and that was a big mistake! Hungry or not I need to eat at my designated times. Otherwise, I find myself reaching without thinking because I am too hungry before I realize it!

I had:

egg white, turkey sausage, gluten free toast
brown rice noodles, italian turkey sausage, salad (baby romaine with italian dressing)
chicken, salad, brown rice

I also had a hand ful of m&m's and a piece of that bread/cream cake thing from the Silpada party. That is getting out of the house TODAY! (along with the m&m's!)
I can already tell a difference in how I feel by eating clean this week. Everybody is different in how they react to food but when I clean up my diet, my mood changes almost immediately. I have so much more energy and feel so positive and good! Now, I need to start taking my vitamins again and I'll really feel my energy level go through the roof!
I'll leave you with my final photo shoot in karate! Sporting my 3rd degree black belt and blue gi! Super proud of my 11 years of training. Karate will always hold a special place in my heart.


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