Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Do What I Do

I had a great day yesterday with lots of resting and eating, oh and there was some work thrown in throughout the day as well!

Started off the day by running a little over 3 miles. I am sick of being at my 3 mile plateau, so I'm running just a little bit farther each time I run from now on until I get up to 5 miles and then I think I will be happy for a little while. I am also doing the 12 week cardio program that my trainer gave me last spring when we still thought I was going to compete. It changes each week, but this week is 2 days of interval training and 3 days of steady state. I counted my Monday 30, 30, 30's as the interval day, so yesterday I did steady state. It was a great run. My body was pretty tired from all the exercise on Monday, but I got through it and I felt great the rest of the day because of it. Running was the only exercising I did yesterday, but my body needed the rest. I had the kind of soreness that brings on nausea.

My diet was just okay. I was craving carbs and sugar pretty bad yesterday and I didn't fight it too much. Things only get ugly if I fight the kind of sugar craving I am talking about!

So I started off the day with a banana (sorry I was very hungry and devoured the banana before I remembered I wanted to take pictures of my food!), egg whites, turkey sausage and a gluten free english muffin. I put butter on the english muffin. I should probably ditch the butter now, but english muffins just scream for butter. All those little delicious holes just waiting to be filled with butter!! Yummy!
After breakfast, I had to get some paperwork finished up and get ready for a meeting I had at 1pm. Before the meeting, I wanted to go some where for tacos, because let's face it, it WAS TACO TUESDAY! I couldn't get my husband to get going fast enough so I could get back in time for my meeting so we settled on going after. I was starving though, so I had another banana and some left over butternut squash soup (again, so hungry forgot to take a picture!). After my meeting, we headed out to the closest restaurant that was serving tacos. I got two beef tacos and ate way too many chips with salsa! (I'll get better with the pictures, I'm just getting used to thinking about my blog again!) When we left the restaurant, I was craving something with chocolate so we stopped by a chocolate store I bought these:
They were so delicious, but a lot more sugar than I am used to and I felt really revved up and anxious most of the night! I even had a hard time falling asleep! Tooooo much chocolate!

My dinner was super yummy! Chicken, sweet potatoes and caesar salad. The chicken is cooked with Mrs. Dash Southwestern Chipotle and is sooooo good! I highly recommend that seasoning!

So that was my Tuesday! I am feeling great this morning. Not quite as sore. I am looking forward to getting to the warehouse for my workout. Can't wait to see what they have set up for us to do today! I am going to wait until after I workout to do any running. I know I need to do it, but I was wishing on Monday during the 30, 30, 30's that I wouldn't have run 3 miles that morning.

I am going to be much better about taking pictures of my food today, too! I have already taken a picture of my oatmeal with protein powder for tomorrow's post!

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  1. Look at you being a little food blogger :) YUM I want that chocolate!
    Do you not like peanut butter in the morning? Oh man, I love english muffins toasted with natural PB. love love love.