Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Goooood Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!!

The turkey is in the oven after brining most of yesterday and all night. Before going in the oven my husband added some aromatics: onion, apple, orange, cinnamon, thume, rosemary and sage. Plus he lathered it in butter and covered the top with slices of bacon! haha! Now that's how you make a turkey unhealthy! It sure will taste good though!

I cooked all the side dishes yesterday with the exception of the mashed potatoes. So, today should be pretty easy. I learned from last year that all I really need is a taste of all the dishes and I am satisfied. So, there is no piling the food on top of each other on my plate. A trainer I work with said she makes sure she can still see her plate after putting the food on it! That's a good idea also.

Yesterday, I worked out at the warehouse and, of course, it was a good one! We did:
Squat with twisting dumb bell over head press
punching with dumb bells
flat bench
chest flys
tricep dips
bicep curls
hanging knee tucks
clam shells with bands and sideways with bands (both work the hips)

We did it 4 times. I was good and sweaty by the end! And STARVING! I had put my oatmeal in the microwave at 6am when I got up and then got busy doing other things and forgot about it. I knew we had to go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving ingredients right after I worked out so I was dreading the fact that I wasn't going to until after that. BUT! I got home to a freshly cooked egg sandwich made by the love of my life! He is always so thoughtful! Love him!

To be honest, I did not eat a whole lot of anything yesterday. I know I had the egg sandwich and then some brown rice noodles with turkey italian sausage and then I think I ate biscuits and rolls the rest of the day and night! :( I was cooking all day! So, when the biscuits, that I was cooking for my dressing, came out of the oven I ate a couple of those with butter. Then I baked Rhodes rolls, after letting them rise for 4 hours, so I HAD to eat one of those (with butter.)!

I am not doing a Turkey Trot today but I'm still going to go run my 4 miles. It is freezing here this morning, but that's why I bought my cold weather clothes!

Hope everyone has a great day! I am so Thankful for my health, my warm house, my loving husband and that I get to spend the day with my family.


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