Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

We had a great weekend and I am ready for an equally great week!

It was cold and rainy on Friday so our workout at the warehouse didn't include any running outside, so they tortured us indoors instead! We did:

1,000 jump rope
100 body weight squats
100 pushups
100 situps
100 pull ups (assisted)
100 steps up each leg
We had to finish each exercise before moving on to the next. I mentally broke everything up into sets of 25 and then had to break them down even further for some of the exercises! By the end of the pushups, I think I was doing 2 at a time! It was a great workout! I am still sore today. It's cool today but no rain so I'm curious to see what they have in store for us today! I love it that every day is different! My diet was good on Friday. It looks like I probably didn't eat enough food, but at least I didn't eat any candy! That new dessert gum is really great for me. It takes care of the sweets cravings I get after every meal I eat! I had:

1 banana
oats with protein powder
chicken, sweet potatoes, salad
1 banana
chicken sweet potatoes, salad

Saturday, I didn't do any exercise. I was going to go run, but it was still damp and cold outside so I opted for cleaning house! Which is a pretty good workout all my itself. My husband and I woke up at 5:30am for some reason that day! We both were wide awake, it was crazy. It made for a long, great day, though. We were both tired by 7:30pm, but managed to make it to 10:30p!
P-a-r-t-y A-n-i-m-a-l-s!
I hosted a Silpada party Saturday afternoon and picked up some new jewelry for myself. Love Silpada! I had never hosted a party before, but as far as home parties go, Silpada is definitely the easiest party to host! Then we headed over to my husband's Dad's house that evening for a family gathering to send the snow birds south for the winter! We will miss them, but they will be back for Christmas for a short visit and then back to warm weather for the rest of the winter! So, my diet suffered a little on Saturday. I bought some delicious sliced cream cakes for the Silpada party, nuts, M&M's and apple cider. I ate one slice of the cake, a few m&m's, and a cup of the apple cider. Then we went to the in laws and I ate soup and drank wine. Here is what my day looked like:

1 banana
egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast
m&m's, peanuts, 1 chocolate/orange slice of cake, apple cider
chicken, sweet potatoes, salad
soup (2 bowls - so I wouldn't eat any dessert!), wine

Sunday was a pretty quiet day. I did a lot of crocheting. I taught my yoga class in the afternoon. I didn't eat enough early in the day and was STARVING when I got home from yoga. I ended up eating way too many pieces of the cream cake. They look like little slices of bread, so they are so easy to eat, but they were 130 cal per slice! So, for the day, I probably still didn't get all my calories in, but what I did eat was mostly in bread! I had:

1 banana
oats with protein powder
egg whites, gluten free toast
soup (left over from in the in laws)
5 or 6 slices of the cream cake!

The bread/cake was chocolate orange, pumpkin spice and cranberry/walnut! Yummy! It will not be touching these lips today, though!

I ended up losing 4lbs last week. Most of that was water weight from my menstrual cycle the week before, but it's still nice to see the scale go down. Going to keep working hard this week. I really need to lose at least 2lb a week to get me where I need to be by February! I may need to start watching some evening TV from the elliptical instead of crocheting! :(

I'll leave you with my latest crocheted items from the weekend:

More fingerless gloves. Everyone snatched up the other pairs I had made, so I made myself another pair! I'm going to get busy making more of these, they are popular and super easy to make!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday! I love's the beginning...I get to start over no matter what happened last week or yesterday. Monday always feels like a new beginning! So, I'm raising my coffee cup to a new week of eating clean and lots of exercise!! Cheers!


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