Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girl Talk

This post is definitely for girls! If you've read any of my past posts, my monthly cycle becomes a topic each month. I shouldn't talk about it and then maybe it would go away faster, but it begs for attention and I give in! Usually the talk is bad and there is a lot of eating and heating pads and whining, but this month is different! I woke up yesterday not feeling too good and cramping, so I popped some Ibuprofen and decided to try to ignore the war going on in my uterus! I ate some oatmeal with protein powder:

Yes, I like my oatmeal to be more like cold cereal than creamy oatmeal. I mix my protein powder separate and then pour it over my oatmeal once it's cooked like it's milk! It's so good and I can eat it hot or cold this way!

Okay, so I drank some coffee (which is always a no no if I have cramps; caffeine only makes cramps worse!) and some oats. A couple of hours later I headed to my warehouse workout where I did:

standing oblique twists with resistance band

kettbell swings

ab work

squat with row

ab work

one arm rows

then we had to run 1/2 a mile

And we had to do all that 6 times! I was sweating buckets! I should have taken a picture of myself because my hair was soaked and wind was quite a site. I need to bring a hat from now on since I never know what they are going to have me doing! I am soooo glad I did not run yesterday before going, because I ended up running 3 miles. It was a great workout! I am sore this morning because of it, so that make me happy!

When I got home from working out, I was super tired and super hungry so I had egg whites, turkey sausage and 2 slices of gluten free toast. No picture, it took everything I had just to fix the food and get it into my belly!

I ran to the grocery store, which is my least favorite thing to do by myself but my husband was playing golf, so I was on my own yesterday. :( I bought some hummus and Stacy's pita chips to eat when I got home because, once again I was so hungry. That workout from the morning was still working on me and my body was screaming for food! I know they are not gluten free, but they have my name on them, so I have to eat them. The hummus had olives in it which made it extra delicious!

Oh, I also picked up this little treat that kept the sweet cravings away which is a miracle on a day like today!

I spent a lot of the afternoon with the ladies in the neighborhood chatting and sharing my hidden talent that they had not seen yet....crocheting! I took my big bag of hats and scarves over and let them go through it and take whatever they wanted for them and their kids. I do actually have a store set up on called Strawberry Squirl, but it's much more fun to give them away!

My dinner was terrible. I had good things I could have eaten but instead I had some more hummus with pita chips, 5 chicken nuggets and then a little later some popcorn.

So that was the day in the life of this girl through food and exercise! Now it's time to bundle up and go run these cramps off. It's chilly this morning!


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