Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's officially cold this morning! Yesterday was almost 60 in the middle of the day and this morning is barely 30! Yikes! Still planning on getting out there to run. It's kind of a challenge to see what combination of running clothes I need to put on to stay warm! It's only that first mile that is cold and then I end up hot, so it takes just the right amount of clothes to keep me out there and through that first mile!

I am really enjoying these for breakfast these days:

It's gluten free toast, egg whites and turkey bacon! Soooo good!

I didn't do so well with food yesterday. I went to the warehouse and worked out. Which was:

Iron cross

push up with fly

tricep push down

sit ups with resistance

one leg hip thrusts with foot on ball

weighted side bends

Then, because I have that competition in May, I had to do 3 minutes of jump rope in between each circuit. We had to do the circuit 4 times. One of the girls jumped rope with me each time and another girl jumped in for one of the 3 minutes. So, it turned it out to be fun. Our trainer said I will be doing extra stuff during each workout since I am trying to lose 20lb by February. All the girls were interested in what I will be doing and a couple of them said they want to do the extra exercises with me! I haven't talked any of them into the show yet, but there is still time!

After all that we had to do the long run (just short of 2 miles) and the big hill. I made it farther then I ever have, but still could not jog all the way up that hill! It is SO freaking steep! BUT! I was able to keep up with the girls for the rest of the job which is a first!

Then I came home and got on the phone with my step mom and then my sister, looked around online for Christmas presents that I need to buy and then headed out to a couple of stores to buy presents as well. With all that, I totally forgot to eat! I was starving by the time I got home, so I ran to Chipotle and got us dinner and Sheridan's custard for dessert! Not the best food choices when trying to lose weight, but I was probably still under my calories for the day.

Our Thanksgiving was great! Here was my plate:

I had a piece of homemade apple pie too!

When we got home, we had the whole dinner we had fixed for our clients, so we had lots of leftovers. I had some green bean casserole and cornbread dressing for dinner (along with another piece of pie!)

Last Friday's workout was a good one! There were 3 stations and 10 exercises at each station. I can't even remember what all the exercises were, but I was soaked in sweat when it was over! Then they had me hop on the elliptical for a 15 minute program, where I burned another 250 calories. I definitely feel like I worked off a good portion of the pie I ate!

Time to run!


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