Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's officially cold this morning! Yesterday was almost 60 in the middle of the day and this morning is barely 30! Yikes! Still planning on getting out there to run. It's kind of a challenge to see what combination of running clothes I need to put on to stay warm! It's only that first mile that is cold and then I end up hot, so it takes just the right amount of clothes to keep me out there and through that first mile!

I am really enjoying these for breakfast these days:

It's gluten free toast, egg whites and turkey bacon! Soooo good!

I didn't do so well with food yesterday. I went to the warehouse and worked out. Which was:

Iron cross

push up with fly

tricep push down

sit ups with resistance

one leg hip thrusts with foot on ball

weighted side bends

Then, because I have that competition in May, I had to do 3 minutes of jump rope in between each circuit. We had to do the circuit 4 times. One of the girls jumped rope with me each time and another girl jumped in for one of the 3 minutes. So, it turned it out to be fun. Our trainer said I will be doing extra stuff during each workout since I am trying to lose 20lb by February. All the girls were interested in what I will be doing and a couple of them said they want to do the extra exercises with me! I haven't talked any of them into the show yet, but there is still time!

After all that we had to do the long run (just short of 2 miles) and the big hill. I made it farther then I ever have, but still could not jog all the way up that hill! It is SO freaking steep! BUT! I was able to keep up with the girls for the rest of the job which is a first!

Then I came home and got on the phone with my step mom and then my sister, looked around online for Christmas presents that I need to buy and then headed out to a couple of stores to buy presents as well. With all that, I totally forgot to eat! I was starving by the time I got home, so I ran to Chipotle and got us dinner and Sheridan's custard for dessert! Not the best food choices when trying to lose weight, but I was probably still under my calories for the day.

Our Thanksgiving was great! Here was my plate:

I had a piece of homemade apple pie too!

When we got home, we had the whole dinner we had fixed for our clients, so we had lots of leftovers. I had some green bean casserole and cornbread dressing for dinner (along with another piece of pie!)

Last Friday's workout was a good one! There were 3 stations and 10 exercises at each station. I can't even remember what all the exercises were, but I was soaked in sweat when it was over! Then they had me hop on the elliptical for a 15 minute program, where I burned another 250 calories. I definitely feel like I worked off a good portion of the pie I ate!

Time to run!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Goooood Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!!

The turkey is in the oven after brining most of yesterday and all night. Before going in the oven my husband added some aromatics: onion, apple, orange, cinnamon, thume, rosemary and sage. Plus he lathered it in butter and covered the top with slices of bacon! haha! Now that's how you make a turkey unhealthy! It sure will taste good though!

I cooked all the side dishes yesterday with the exception of the mashed potatoes. So, today should be pretty easy. I learned from last year that all I really need is a taste of all the dishes and I am satisfied. So, there is no piling the food on top of each other on my plate. A trainer I work with said she makes sure she can still see her plate after putting the food on it! That's a good idea also.

Yesterday, I worked out at the warehouse and, of course, it was a good one! We did:
Squat with twisting dumb bell over head press
punching with dumb bells
flat bench
chest flys
tricep dips
bicep curls
hanging knee tucks
clam shells with bands and sideways with bands (both work the hips)

We did it 4 times. I was good and sweaty by the end! And STARVING! I had put my oatmeal in the microwave at 6am when I got up and then got busy doing other things and forgot about it. I knew we had to go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving ingredients right after I worked out so I was dreading the fact that I wasn't going to until after that. BUT! I got home to a freshly cooked egg sandwich made by the love of my life! He is always so thoughtful! Love him!

To be honest, I did not eat a whole lot of anything yesterday. I know I had the egg sandwich and then some brown rice noodles with turkey italian sausage and then I think I ate biscuits and rolls the rest of the day and night! :( I was cooking all day! So, when the biscuits, that I was cooking for my dressing, came out of the oven I ate a couple of those with butter. Then I baked Rhodes rolls, after letting them rise for 4 hours, so I HAD to eat one of those (with butter.)!

I am not doing a Turkey Trot today but I'm still going to go run my 4 miles. It is freezing here this morning, but that's why I bought my cold weather clothes!

Hope everyone has a great day! I am so Thankful for my health, my warm house, my loving husband and that I get to spend the day with my family.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's Catch Up!

Wow! It's been a week since I blogged! Time flies! I think I wasn't blogging because I didn't have anything new to blog about, but from now on, I am going to be a better blogger!
So, let me catch you up on the happenings of the past week. I'll try not to make this post a mile long!
Thursday - I ran 4 miles; I ate:
egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast
handful of m&m's
brown rice noodles, italian turkey sausage
chicken thigh strips made with shake n' bake (3)
chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Friday - worked out at the warehouse. Told the trainer I am working toward a figure competition so any additional help he wants to offer is awesome. He had me stay after the regular workout and kicked my butt! It was so painful to walk all weekend! But I LOVED IT!
My diet was:

It was date night so we went to our favorite wine place and did a tasting and ate their special appetizer which was a tiny little sandwich with turkey and mozzerella and then some grapes and dried apricot were on the plate as well. Then we went to one of our favorite restaurants in Parkville, Piropos, and I had the Grillada del mar. It had a small piece of fish, 4 shrimp and 2 scallops with white rice and asparagus. It had some sort of light creamy, buttery sauce drizzled over it. We shared churros for dessert. Then we headed over to my sister's for my nephew's birthday party. Didn't eat or drink anything there but it was fun to see the kids.

Saturday was a no exercise day. I was sooooo sore and Justin played golf so I cleaned house, crocheted and visited with a neighbor. I ate egg whites, gluten free toast with butter, brown rice noodles with turkey sausage and broccoli, another handful of those m&m's! and some salty peanuts, and then more brown rice noodles this time with canadian bacon and a salad.

Sunday I met a friend at the track and we had an awesome workout! We ran around the track and then did all the stairs I don't know how many times. Then we hit the track for squat jumps, walking lunges, hops back and forth and more! I ate a banana, protein shake, egg whites, turkey sausage & cheese and then had a chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle. Oh, and a taught my yoga class that afternoon as well! I was so hungry by the time that was over I ate the whole burrito bowl and then 20 minutes later forgot that I had eaten anything!

Monday I worked out at the warehouse. I can't even remember what we did, but it was a good one! I ate oats with protein, egg whites with turkey sausage and cheese, another burrito bowl from Chipotle and more of those darn m&m's (they are officially gone!) and some salty peanuts!

Oh, and I went shopping for new cold weather running clothes! I love all the bright colors they offer. I don't like the price but I will wear them death so it's worth it! Here is a sampling:

Yesterday I ran my 4 miles and then ate at Bravo, where I had soup and some pasta with chicken and spinach. I then let myself get too hungry and cranky and reached for some sour cream and onion chips and some peanuts. My husband swooped in and saved me from my sabotage and cooked me an egg sandwich! Thank you Justin!

Whoa, this is getting super long! I better not wait a week before blogging again! I'll leave you with some of my latest crochet projects. I brought my christmas hats into the warehouse on Friday and let the girls take whatever they wanted. They also placed orders for other hats and here are what they are getting today!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Increasing Mileage

I'm working on increasing my mileage during my runs. I was stuck at 3 miles and decided last week that if I want to run with my friends, I need to get busy! The people I surround myself with are running 6 miles, at least. So, I started running just a little bit farther each time and yesterday I ran 4 miles. I am going run the 4 miles this week and then increase to 5 miles next week. I have been running 3 days a week plus whatever running they have us a do at the warehouse. I take Sundays off and just teach my yoga class. My body seems to be responding well with this schedule. I haven't had any days where I am too exhausted to function! I have noticed that I am in bed and barely able to hold my eyes open at 8:30p though! I think that is a good sign. I get up at 6am everyday so I'm getting a good 9 1/2 hours of sleep! That's a lot of time to repair any damage I am causing!

Monday was awesome at the warehouse (as usual!). We did:
incline chest press
forearm to plank pushups
tricep push downs
oblique twists
situps to failure

We did that 4 times and then he had us to bicep and shoulder exercises with the bands and body weight leg exercises. There was a lot of holding poses with the bands and then a lot of hopping and jumping and holding poses with our legs as well. It was not fun! THEN he had us do about 20 different ab exercises. I was toast by the end! One of the girls wanted to go run after, so I went along too. If I want to get to where they are, I have to do what they do! We only ran 1 mile, but there was a gigantic hill in the middle of it (which I could not run all the way up), so it was a good one!

I got busy the rest of the day and did not eat enough! My diet was:
oats with protein powder
egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast
brown rice noodles, turkey italian sausage, salad (baby romaine with italian dressing)

I was across the street chatting with the neighbor ladies when I should have been eating 2 of my meals! Oops! I guess I need to pack a lunch when I go over there to chit chat!

Tuesday I ran 4 miles in the morning. It felt so good. I love these cold mornings for running! I layer on the clothes and head out! I spent the rest of the day working and crocheting.

I found that I wasn't really hungry yesterday so I got off my schedule and that was a big mistake! Hungry or not I need to eat at my designated times. Otherwise, I find myself reaching without thinking because I am too hungry before I realize it!

I had:

egg white, turkey sausage, gluten free toast
brown rice noodles, italian turkey sausage, salad (baby romaine with italian dressing)
chicken, salad, brown rice

I also had a hand ful of m&m's and a piece of that bread/cream cake thing from the Silpada party. That is getting out of the house TODAY! (along with the m&m's!)
I can already tell a difference in how I feel by eating clean this week. Everybody is different in how they react to food but when I clean up my diet, my mood changes almost immediately. I have so much more energy and feel so positive and good! Now, I need to start taking my vitamins again and I'll really feel my energy level go through the roof!
I'll leave you with my final photo shoot in karate! Sporting my 3rd degree black belt and blue gi! Super proud of my 11 years of training. Karate will always hold a special place in my heart.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

We had a great weekend and I am ready for an equally great week!

It was cold and rainy on Friday so our workout at the warehouse didn't include any running outside, so they tortured us indoors instead! We did:

1,000 jump rope
100 body weight squats
100 pushups
100 situps
100 pull ups (assisted)
100 steps up each leg
We had to finish each exercise before moving on to the next. I mentally broke everything up into sets of 25 and then had to break them down even further for some of the exercises! By the end of the pushups, I think I was doing 2 at a time! It was a great workout! I am still sore today. It's cool today but no rain so I'm curious to see what they have in store for us today! I love it that every day is different! My diet was good on Friday. It looks like I probably didn't eat enough food, but at least I didn't eat any candy! That new dessert gum is really great for me. It takes care of the sweets cravings I get after every meal I eat! I had:

1 banana
oats with protein powder
chicken, sweet potatoes, salad
1 banana
chicken sweet potatoes, salad

Saturday, I didn't do any exercise. I was going to go run, but it was still damp and cold outside so I opted for cleaning house! Which is a pretty good workout all my itself. My husband and I woke up at 5:30am for some reason that day! We both were wide awake, it was crazy. It made for a long, great day, though. We were both tired by 7:30pm, but managed to make it to 10:30p!
P-a-r-t-y A-n-i-m-a-l-s!
I hosted a Silpada party Saturday afternoon and picked up some new jewelry for myself. Love Silpada! I had never hosted a party before, but as far as home parties go, Silpada is definitely the easiest party to host! Then we headed over to my husband's Dad's house that evening for a family gathering to send the snow birds south for the winter! We will miss them, but they will be back for Christmas for a short visit and then back to warm weather for the rest of the winter! So, my diet suffered a little on Saturday. I bought some delicious sliced cream cakes for the Silpada party, nuts, M&M's and apple cider. I ate one slice of the cake, a few m&m's, and a cup of the apple cider. Then we went to the in laws and I ate soup and drank wine. Here is what my day looked like:

1 banana
egg whites, turkey sausage, gluten free toast
m&m's, peanuts, 1 chocolate/orange slice of cake, apple cider
chicken, sweet potatoes, salad
soup (2 bowls - so I wouldn't eat any dessert!), wine

Sunday was a pretty quiet day. I did a lot of crocheting. I taught my yoga class in the afternoon. I didn't eat enough early in the day and was STARVING when I got home from yoga. I ended up eating way too many pieces of the cream cake. They look like little slices of bread, so they are so easy to eat, but they were 130 cal per slice! So, for the day, I probably still didn't get all my calories in, but what I did eat was mostly in bread! I had:

1 banana
oats with protein powder
egg whites, gluten free toast
soup (left over from in the in laws)
5 or 6 slices of the cream cake!

The bread/cake was chocolate orange, pumpkin spice and cranberry/walnut! Yummy! It will not be touching these lips today, though!

I ended up losing 4lbs last week. Most of that was water weight from my menstrual cycle the week before, but it's still nice to see the scale go down. Going to keep working hard this week. I really need to lose at least 2lb a week to get me where I need to be by February! I may need to start watching some evening TV from the elliptical instead of crocheting! :(

I'll leave you with my latest crocheted items from the weekend:

More fingerless gloves. Everyone snatched up the other pairs I had made, so I made myself another pair! I'm going to get busy making more of these, they are popular and super easy to make!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday! I love Mondays...it's the beginning...I get to start over no matter what happened last week or yesterday. Monday always feels like a new beginning! So, I'm raising my coffee cup to a new week of eating clean and lots of exercise!! Cheers!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's talk crocheting!

I spent most of yesterday curled up in a recliner or my bed because I felt so blah all day. BUT! It wasn't a total loss of a day! I made myself go for a run (3 miles) and it was slow, but I felt pretty good after. I came home took my dogs for their walk/run and then ate a banana. I was really surprised how good I was feeling. I thought for sure I was going to be strapped to my heating pad all day begging for chocolate...but it never came! In fact, I only had one piece of chocolate all day! I felt really tired and a little nauseous and just blah all day and my appetite was super weird. Besides the banana and some popcorn, oh and that piece of chocolate....well, that's all I will discuss about my diet yesterday it was not good, and I certainly did not take any pictures of it!!

What I did do yesterday while curled up in my recliner or bed is CROCHET! I love crocheting. No matter how I am feeling, I can always crochet! I have soooo many adult-size hats. So yesterday I was working on kid-size hats.
This little pink/mulit colored hat has fingerless gloves to go with it!
This green/multi colored hat is crocheted in a ribbed pattern which makes it super thick and warm!
I thought I better get started making some christmas hats for kids too. The girls at the gym are already asking for them!
I ended up making one adult hat!
So that was my Thursday. It's rainy and cold here today which makes me want to make SOUP!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girl Talk

This post is definitely for girls! If you've read any of my past posts, my monthly cycle becomes a topic each month. I shouldn't talk about it and then maybe it would go away faster, but it begs for attention and I give in! Usually the talk is bad and there is a lot of eating and heating pads and whining, but this month is different! I woke up yesterday not feeling too good and cramping, so I popped some Ibuprofen and decided to try to ignore the war going on in my uterus! I ate some oatmeal with protein powder:

Yes, I like my oatmeal to be more like cold cereal than creamy oatmeal. I mix my protein powder separate and then pour it over my oatmeal once it's cooked like it's milk! It's so good and I can eat it hot or cold this way!

Okay, so I drank some coffee (which is always a no no if I have cramps; caffeine only makes cramps worse!) and some oats. A couple of hours later I headed to my warehouse workout where I did:

standing oblique twists with resistance band

kettbell swings

ab work

squat with row

ab work

one arm rows

then we had to run 1/2 a mile

And we had to do all that 6 times! I was sweating buckets! I should have taken a picture of myself because my hair was soaked and wind blown...it was quite a site. I need to bring a hat from now on since I never know what they are going to have me doing! I am soooo glad I did not run yesterday before going, because I ended up running 3 miles. It was a great workout! I am sore this morning because of it, so that make me happy!

When I got home from working out, I was super tired and super hungry so I had egg whites, turkey sausage and 2 slices of gluten free toast. No picture, it took everything I had just to fix the food and get it into my belly!

I ran to the grocery store, which is my least favorite thing to do by myself but my husband was playing golf, so I was on my own yesterday. :( I bought some hummus and Stacy's pita chips to eat when I got home because, once again I was so hungry. That workout from the morning was still working on me and my body was screaming for food! I know they are not gluten free, but they have my name on them, so I have to eat them. The hummus had olives in it which made it extra delicious!

Oh, I also picked up this little treat that kept the sweet cravings away which is a miracle on a day like today!

I spent a lot of the afternoon with the ladies in the neighborhood chatting and sharing my hidden talent that they had not seen yet....crocheting! I took my big bag of hats and scarves over and let them go through it and take whatever they wanted for them and their kids. I do actually have a store set up on etsy.com called Strawberry Squirl, but it's much more fun to give them away!

My dinner was terrible. I had good things I could have eaten but instead I had some more hummus with pita chips, 5 chicken nuggets and then a little later some popcorn.

So that was the day in the life of this girl through food and exercise! Now it's time to bundle up and go run these cramps off. It's chilly this morning!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Do What I Do

I had a great day yesterday with lots of resting and eating, oh and there was some work thrown in throughout the day as well!

Started off the day by running a little over 3 miles. I am sick of being at my 3 mile plateau, so I'm running just a little bit farther each time I run from now on until I get up to 5 miles and then I think I will be happy for a little while. I am also doing the 12 week cardio program that my trainer gave me last spring when we still thought I was going to compete. It changes each week, but this week is 2 days of interval training and 3 days of steady state. I counted my Monday 30, 30, 30's as the interval day, so yesterday I did steady state. It was a great run. My body was pretty tired from all the exercise on Monday, but I got through it and I felt great the rest of the day because of it. Running was the only exercising I did yesterday, but my body needed the rest. I had the kind of soreness that brings on nausea.

My diet was just okay. I was craving carbs and sugar pretty bad yesterday and I didn't fight it too much. Things only get ugly if I fight the kind of sugar craving I am talking about!

So I started off the day with a banana (sorry I was very hungry and devoured the banana before I remembered I wanted to take pictures of my food!), egg whites, turkey sausage and a gluten free english muffin. I put butter on the english muffin. I should probably ditch the butter now, but english muffins just scream for butter. All those little delicious holes just waiting to be filled with butter!! Yummy!
After breakfast, I had to get some paperwork finished up and get ready for a meeting I had at 1pm. Before the meeting, I wanted to go some where for tacos, because let's face it, it WAS TACO TUESDAY! I couldn't get my husband to get going fast enough so I could get back in time for my meeting so we settled on going after. I was starving though, so I had another banana and some left over butternut squash soup (again, so hungry forgot to take a picture!). After my meeting, we headed out to the closest restaurant that was serving tacos. I got two beef tacos and ate way too many chips with salsa! (I'll get better with the pictures, I'm just getting used to thinking about my blog again!) When we left the restaurant, I was craving something with chocolate so we stopped by a chocolate store I bought these:
They were so delicious, but a lot more sugar than I am used to and I felt really revved up and anxious most of the night! I even had a hard time falling asleep! Tooooo much chocolate!

My dinner was super yummy! Chicken, sweet potatoes and caesar salad. The chicken is cooked with Mrs. Dash Southwestern Chipotle and is sooooo good! I highly recommend that seasoning!

So that was my Tuesday! I am feeling great this morning. Not quite as sore. I am looking forward to getting to the warehouse for my workout. Can't wait to see what they have set up for us to do today! I am going to wait until after I workout to do any running. I know I need to do it, but I was wishing on Monday during the 30, 30, 30's that I wouldn't have run 3 miles that morning.

I am going to be much better about taking pictures of my food today, too! I have already taken a picture of my oatmeal with protein powder for tomorrow's post!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let's try this again!

Hello fellow blog readers! It's been 6 months since I have blogged and I thought I was done forever, but this is such a great place to help keep myself accountable. I enjoy reading other girl's blogs about their struggles and achievements with weightloss, so I am thinking someone out there may like to read about mine!

Instead of catching everyone up on the past 6 months, I am just going to start with the present!

My goal is to compete in April 2011! I know, I said that last year and didn't do it, but I really want to give it another try! I reeeeeally want to step on stage next year!

One major change that I have made in my life since my last blog is leaving karate. I tested for and received my 3rd degree black belt in June 2010. After the post-test high wore off, I was left feeling burned out and just couldn't find my desire to practice anymore. Even though it was a decision I had made, I was sad about it for several weeks. I kind of felt like I was mourning the loss of a great friend. BUT, I am on to new things now! I have a fantastic new workout place in a warehouse with some super fit and inspirational girls that I work out with 3 times a week. I run everyday and go to one yoga class and teach one yoga class per week.

I am always trying to find balance with my diet (nothing has changed in that department!). I feel like I win the battle more than I lose it though these days!

Yesterday, I ran 3 miles, went to my warehouse workout where we did the following circuit 4 times and then did some cardio:
squat with overhead press using dumb bells
flat bench
plyo pushups
chest press using cables connected with a bar (this was so neat, but super hard!)
marching plank
tricep dips
hamstring curls with balance ball
we ended the workout with 30, 30, 30 (sprint for 30, jog for 30, 30 times) I could not keep up with the other girls during the run, but they make me push myself so much harder than if I were alone!

I got home and did some quick house cleaning and was at my yoga class by Noon. Boy, was it a doozie! It was so hard! My arms were shaking like crazy and the sweat was pouring out! I left there feeling like a noodle and STARVING!!

My diet consisted of
oats with protein
chicken, sweet potato
corn chips with rotel (oops!)
italian sausage with peppers and onion, brown rice with peas and carrots
fat free pudding

My neighbor is also interested in doing a comp next spring so we took each others body fat measurements yesterday. Yikes! What an eye opener! I have gained 10lbs since last May and 5% body fat! I have a lot of work to do!