Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mmmmm Boiled Chicken

Doesn't that just sound like a yummy breakfast? Ha! Today is boiled chicken and sweet potato day! Yay! I have been dreaming about this day all week! (not.) But! It's just one day and I will do it. Gotta ring out as much water as I can to see if I can uncover the muscle that is hiding behind all the...uh-hum...water! Too bad you can't pee fat out!

So, I'm down to 2 liters of water today and boiled chicken and sweet potatoes. My stomach was looking pretty good yesterday so hopefully after today it will tighten up even that much more for pictures tomorrow. I am also getting spray tanned tonight with one coat of competition tan. Fat always looks better tan! I'm not trying to get all body-dysmorphic on myself by saying I'm fat or anything, but when you are stripped down to a bikini or whatever skimpy outfit I decide to wear, you start to notice the areas that need work!! LOL!

Yesterday was low-sodium day and looking back I could have gone a lot less sodium than I did and it showed on the scale this morning! Darn it! In fact, I'm not going to described my meals today in the blog because it will be like DUH that's not a low-sodium meal! Moving on, I have all my meals fixed for the next two days, well 2 of the meals are for tomorrow:

After I get my pictures taken, I will probably have a little more than chicken and sweet potatoes! Yesterday, was a poo poo day for exercising. I went for a walk with Justin and our dogs and that was it. I think I tried to run in the morning, but didn't get very far. I can't even remember, I'll have to read my own blog from yesterday to find out!! LOL! I was soo tired and sooo very sore all day that it was making me a little nauseous. Oh and most of my morning was spent at the doctor's office with one of the guys we care for, so I felt all off schedule and a little stressed. Excuses, Excuses. Today is 2 hours of karate and then a cardio class tonight! I love Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays because I love cardio and those are big cardio days!

I feel a lot better today. Maybe I needed a little mid-week rest! I feel motivated to get stuff done. I can't wait to see what I'm going to look like when I wake up tomorrow morning!! I'll take pictures at home before I head down to the gym.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm freaking out over what I'm gong to wear for my pictures tomorrow but suddenly I realize that I'm glad that it's not a bikini!

  2. You are going to look fantastic in whatever you decide to wear! I can't wait to see you in a MAGAZINE!!! How exciting!