Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Katas! Katas! Katas!

Good Morning! Today is Kata Krank day at karate and I need to work on my personal kata like crazy! Not to mention the other 26 katas I need to run into the ground before the test! I have to come up with a personal kata for my 3rd degree black belt test. I have some of it done, but I need to get busy and finish it! I only have a couple of weeks until the test! I have a lot of work to do! I also need to run all the basics since it's been forever since I ran those AND I need to run the 300+ self defense moves over and over and over!! whew...I am worn out all ready!

Yesterday was awesome! I ran in the morning, did the Chest/Back and Ab Ripper DVD from the P90X program and then went to yoga at noon! I felt so good all day! I ate my left over chicken, potatoes, veggies meal until it was gone and then for dinner had a taco salad with chips and salsa. All that exercise left me starving for carbs late in the day.

Today is another day packed full of exercise so I need to make sure I get more carbs in during my first 3 meals so I am not so hungry for them in the last 2 meals. I did not run this morning. I am going to karate for 2 hours, coming home and doing plymetrics (P90X) with Justin and then tonight is the cardio class at karate. That will all take it's toll on my body so I thought I better rest up and not run!

And this week was supposed to be my week of rest! Ha! It's so hard for me to do that. I LOVE EXERCISE! I think I'll plan for the week after my 3rd black test to rest! I'm sure my body will be screaming at me by that point, so I'll have to listen!

Hope everyone has a fun and fit Tuesday!

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