Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Countdown is Over!

Today's the day. My last session with Diana Chaloux. I guess I have mixed feelings. I will miss training with her for sure and I will miss her energy and her smiling face for sure, but I feel good about where I am now. A couple of months ago I was nervous that when it came time to not train with Diana I was going to feel like I had just been pushed off a cliff and I would go flying right back into old habits and weight gain. I would get anxious even thinking about not training with her and not having her to answer to every Monday morning. I don't feel that way anymore! It's pretty refreshing! I feel excited about where to go next! Diet is still a daily struggle, but it's manageable. I know what my triggers are (CANDY!) and that I have to keep that stuff out of the house. I know my body doesn't tolerate gluten or dairy well. I know the proper portion sizes for my body. So, although the diet part is an ongoing battle, it's definitely better than it was a year ago!

So, in preparation of not training with Diana (so I won't be so bummed about it), I have been looking at all the good sides to it: The first is, I don't have to drive downtown twice a week anymore! AND, I have my 3rd degree black belt test to look forward to and a plan for my own workouts. My plan is to continue to workout on Mon, Wed and Fri (well, to be honest, START working out on Fridays!) and then go to a yoga class right after. My workouts will be done at home, so as soon as I get the people I take care of off for the day, I will head downstairs and lift weights for 30-45 minutes then hop in the car and head to yoga. I am looking forward to that. I haven't been to a yoga class since December. I have done some at home, but not enough. Plus, I can go running right before I work out because I don't have to eat, get ready and drive 25 minutes to my workout!!

Speaking of running, my hip is feeling better! I am signed up to run the Trolley Run this weekend so I hope I am 100% by then. Justin rubbed on it for an HOUR two nights ago and it really helped. He kept rubbing deeper and deeper and all around the knot and then finally he found the mother of all knots. I thought I was going to cry it hurt so bad, but he just kept working on it and we both finally felt it soften up a bit! Yesterday it was sore, but not HURTING, just like normal muscle soreness. Today it still feels a little sore, but I am going to try to run a little this morning.

This week is my week to retain water. Yay for me! But it makes me realize how much running helps with that. When I feel swollen and bloated, a good run gets that moving and I sweat it out. I haven't been able to do that this week yet and I feel like crap. So, maybe this morning, I can get some miles in and get this water moving out!!

Off to get my morning started and get to my last workout with Diana Chaloux!! Hope everyone is having a great start to the day!

I am looking forward to my breakfast sandwich this morning: Gluten free bread, egg whites and turkey sausage!

What are you having for breakfast?

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  1. I hope your last session with her went well- you will do great on your own :)

    my breakfast was a toasted english muffin + 1 turkey sausage and a tsp of canola oil; plus 1/2c blackberries :)