Wednesday, April 14, 2010

9 Days Out!

I am having a great week. Actually, I have had a great COUPLE of weeks! Nothing too special going on. I think it's the Spring weather and sunshine! We had our 2-year re-licensing inspection last Friday and it was stressfull, but went good! We are in business for another 2 years! Yippee! I filled out my application to test for my 3rd Degree Black Belt! Yikes! I only have 3 sessions left with Diana. Sigh. I will miss her! I feel ready, though, to be on my own with my workouts. I have learned a ton from her about diet and even though that is still my biggest struggle, I feel confident that I can handle it on my own! I have definitely learned what foods my body likes and dislikes! I am working on going completely gluten free. It's so hard, but I feel a lot better without it. I haven't had gluten at all this week so far! I am dairy free as well. That one wasn't as hard and I still may have a little cheese from time to time, but at least I just get mucousy from that and not intestinal cramping!!

I did an awesome 11 mile run last Sunday. My hips were hurting the last 2 miles, but I pushed through thinking it was just because I hadn't gone that far before. BIG mistake, I won't do that again! My right hip STILL hurts and it's Wednesday! I tried to run 4 miles yesterday and ended up walking the last mile. ugh. I am so pissed. I am not running again until the pain is completely gone. I am signed up to run a 10k this Sunday! The park where I ran the 11 miles is super flat and I am pretty sure that is what killed my hips. My body is used to running a lot of hills so I get a lot of range of motion in my hips. Running 11 flat miles kept my hips really tight. I stretched afterwards thinking that would help, but nope. So, I am going to a running store to get some better shoes, and I am going to mix up my runs more so my body doesn't get used to just one way of running. It's so beautiful outside and I can't run! I hate it! But, this was a good lesson for me to learn and I won't make that mistake again.

I got my first ever spray tan on Monday! LOL! The girl who was going to do my competition spray tan happens to live across the street from me, so I figured why not! I will be getting transformation pictures taken next week anyway, so I might as well have a little color! It was so fun! Nothing like showing my boobies to my neighbor on our first face to face meeting!!

I am sitting here enjoying my oats and protein powder. My favorite breakfast! Yesterday, I tried a breakfast pizza and it was pretty yummy! I bought some little gluten free pizza crusts. They are about 3"x3", so personal size (I thought!). I wasn't sure how to get everything cooked right and on the pizza so I put a little cheddar cheese on the crust and baked that for 15 mintues (will cook longer next time), while that baked I cooked some egg whites with 1 whole egg and some turkey sausage. When the pizza crust and cheese were done I topped it with the egg and sausage! It was super good, but too much. I will cut one in half next time or just share with Justin like I did yesterday! My diet has been really good. Not really much to talk about there. I am in such a better place with all that now! Thank goodness! I don't find myself obsessing about my meals and what everyone around me is eating! I stick to carbs and protein for the first two meals, then carbs, protein and veggies for my next two meals and the last meal is protein and veggies. Although last night, I just had protein for dinner.

Oh, another good recipe that I took from another blog I read. It's turkey burgers. You mix ground turkey meat with one packet of ranch dressing powder, dried minced onion, and cheese. I made them using ground chicken last week and they turned out good too. You are only supposed to use 16oz of meat, but I double that, because I dont' want too much of the ranch powder or cheese in each burger, you know, because of the whole dairy issue I have. So I just get a little taste and they are yummy!

I need to blog more! This is getting lengthy! Hope everyone is having a sunshine-filled day like me! Enjoy!


  1. im really interested to know more about your gluten free & dairy free lifestyle. matt has such a crazy stomach... i tell him all the time he HAS to have an intolerance to something and i have suggested both dairy and gluten. i have an understanding of how to cut out dairy but gluten seems like its in everything! i need to learn more about what it is. NO ONE should be as bloated and gassy as he complains to be.

    major bummer about your hip. i think ive told you before i talk with a bunch of WW ladies from around the united states via email everyday. several of the women are long distance runners (they are studded with marathons, half marathons and 5/10/15ks) and a couple of them have major hip issues at times depending on the terrain they run on. get well sooN!!!

    those turkey burgers and chicken burgers sound awesome!

  2. I'm doing the hospital hill 10k! I hope that I get to see you there!