Thursday, April 15, 2010

8 Days Out!

What's this? Two posts in one week!! I must have something important to share!

I do! Aren't they pretty.......

Of course, I haven't gone on a run yet, because my hip is still sore! Boo! My hip was super sore when I woke up yesterday morning, so I was good and did not go for a run. Instead I did some stretches. Training with Diana actually made it feel better because it got it all warmed up and stretched out. So, Justin and I went for a walk when I got home from that. It was still pretty sore though throughout the day and it was that constant reminder that I needed to get new shoes.

So, I just have to share my whole shoe buying experience with everyone!

A friend of ours recommended the Sports Medicine store which is just down the street from our house. They are awesome! The girl put me on a treadmill and video taped me running. Then we watched it in super slow-motion so she could see how my heal hits the ground. I slightly pronate. She then showed me all the shoes that would help to cushion that and keep my body in better alignment. Oh, and the other thing I learned is that it's worse on my right side than my left....I am still icing my right side!! So, that makes sense now! Because when I got done with my run, both hips were hurting, but the left side got over it pretty fast. My right hip on the other hand is holding a grudge! The next step at the store was finding the shoe that my feet would fall in love with! Once we found out what type of stride I have and which shoe would best support that stride, she pulled out every brand in that category! She had me try on the first pair and run down the street and back. I could feel my hip, but it wasn't unbearable. Of course, when I got back I thought I loved the shoes! She had me take one shoe off and put on another brand so I could compare the two side by side, again...ran down the street and back. Aha! I liked the other shoe better and actually noticed that my foot was moving around in the other shoe, but I never would have noticed that had I not had two different shoes on to compare side by side! So, we went through all the brands like that and once I found the shoe I thought I liked, I kept that shoe on and tried on all the other shoes on the other foot to compare, then put them both on and did a run! I was sweaty by the end of this shoe buying experience! I walked out of there a happy runner though! I talked to my neighbor, who is also a long distance runner, before I went up to Sports Medicine and she had great things to say about it too. She also said if I started icing my hip, I would be back to running in no time. So, I started icing my hip as soon as I got home and did it off and on all evening. Justin rubbed it really good last night and put some Tiger Balm (like Bengay) on it. It felt better when I got up this morning but it's still a little swollen. I have ice on it right now.

I will be doing 2 hours of karate this morning then icing my hip. Then I will be doing a cardio class tonight, then icing my hip! Hopefully by tomorrow, it's better and I can try a short run. I am signed up to do a 10K on Sunday and I really want to do it, but I also need to listen to my body. Taking a couple days off is better than months because I keep hurting myself! I am a terrible patient! I can tell other people what to do all day long, but as soon as I am injured, I start thinking the rules don't apply! I would have told someone else to ice their hip as soon as they got home and it was hurting, but I thought, Oh, it's not that bad, I'll get over it.

I ate another one of those gluten free breakfast pizzas yesterday. I asked Justin to stick a pizza crust in the oven so it would be done when I got home from working out. To my surprise, when I walked in, he was pulling out a delicous egg white, turkey sausage, cheese pizza that he had cooked for me!!! It was so delicous! I was so hungry (as I always am after working out!) and I thought I was going to have to come home and cook the egg whites and sausage for my pizza! I have the best husband! And he knows I can't tolerate a lot of cheese, so there was just the right amount to make it yummy!!

I had oats and protein powder for my first breakfast, the pizza for my second, a turkey patty and a chicken thigh for my third meal and a taco salad for my fourth. I guess I missed a meal somewhere, or I am just forgetting what I ate!

Today is starting off great! I am ready to get to karate and work on my stuff, then take my normal class. Only a little over a month left to train before the 3rd black test! Yikes!


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