Friday, April 2, 2010

21 Days Out!

Good Morning! This has been a crazy week! Since I blogged on last Friday this has been my week:

We went to Arkansas for a quick visit with my grandmother. We left Saturday morning and came home Sunday afternoon. We had a great time. We need to go down there more. I came home with a food hangover!

Then Monday and Tuesday were spent curled up with my heating pad. Good times.

By the time Wednesday came around I was ready to get moving and bust out my workouts. I did a 5 mile run in the morning then went and did my workout with Diana. It was an awesome one! They have several competitions going on at Hitch Fit Gym. The most pushups, the longest wall sit and then the most situps in 2 minutes. I beat all the girls in pushups, I did 65! They had to be on your toes, and full range. They put something under our abdomen that we had to go down and touch in order for them to count. The wall sit was the hardest! I did it for 3 minutes and 1 second! Diana was super strict with all the rules. She got out an angle ruler to make sure my legs were at 90 degrees! I have never seen my legs shake so much! I did 78 situps in the 2 minutes. I was kind of surprised by that one. I thought I would get at least 100. So, after all that we went outside, because it was GORGEOUS, and finished my workout on the hill. There is a ridiculously steep hill close to the gym and she had me doing lunges, frog jumps, sneakers, air chairs, and some others I have evidently blocked out!! Whenever I got to the top after doing whatever exercise she had me doing on the way up, she had weights waiting for me and I had to do biceps, shoulders and triceps! Then she raced me up the hill twice and smoked me both times! I must admit, I was surprised (and impressed). She wasn't warmed up and then she wasn't even out of breath at the top. I was GASPING at the top!! Just another reminder of how Diana practices what she preaches!

Thursday was a powerful day! I ran 8 miles, went to karate and then went back to karate in the evening for the new cardio class they have started. I burned 1,800 calories yesterday! I felt so great! I bought myself some new running/workout clothes! I love new workout clothes!

I have kept my diet clean all week. Even during my worst day of my cycle, which was Monday, I ate good! For proteins I stuck with protein powder, egg whites, eggs, turkey, chicken. For carbs I ate oats, apples, sweet potatoes, brown rice noodles and for veggies I ate broccoli and spinach.

Today is running and lifting weights. I am meeting a friend for lunch. The same friend I was supposed to have lunch with last week, but I had to cancel, so we rescheduled for today! Yay! We could not get our sitter for this weekend, so I will be able to keep my diet super tight and get my cardio in and have a great loss come Monday morning!!

That is my weekly recap! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Now I need to get out and run!!


  1. Oh, man! It looks like you kicked my butt this week! I really need to get focused! See you in a couple hours!


  2. You changed your layout! I like it!

    Dude you are a beast!!! Hahaha you are working those work outs. The competition sounds fun!