Tuesday, March 9, 2010

45 Days Out!

I have been a blog slacker! I'll try to catch you up on what's been happening since last Wednesday.

It's finally feeling like spring! Yay! A little rain yesterday to wash all the gunk off the roads/sidewalks, I am feeling energized! It's amazing what a little sunshine and warmth can do for a girl!

Last Wed, Thurs, Fri were spent mostly in bed with a heating pad and a belly full of Ibuprofen! The joys of being a woman. So my diet was not so great and Wednesday was the only day I did any cardio or training. Lucky for me the cramps didn't set in until after my workout with Diana. I wasn't feeling so great but hadn't been run over by the cramp train yet! That came Thurs and Fri and boy did it hit me hard! Thankfully I have a job that I can do in my pajamas and then go right back to bed and an awesome husband that takes care of me when I am feeling this way! I was feeling better by Friday night and helped Justin put together our elliptical! Yay! I say "helped", I mainly sat there and handed him stuff and cheered him on!

I welcomed Saturday with open arms and got my butt up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then went to karate. I hopped back on the elliptical in the afternoon for about 30 minutes before we went out for our date night! I felt great! Since I didn't do cardio Thurs or Fri and my diet was much to be desired, I knew I had to make up for some calories! My weight was up by about 5lb, which was mostly water, but I wanted to get rid of it by my Monday weigh in with Diana. I did the elliptical for 50 minutes in the morning and then that evening while watching the Amazing Race show, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes on the spin bike. I got rid of all the water because by Monday morning I was back down to where I was last Monday! So, no weight loss for the week but during this time of the month, I'll take it!

Yesterday, I felt like a new person! So much energy! It is lighter by about 6:30a now so I was able to go running OUTSIDE in the morning. I felt soooo great! There is nothing that compares to that feeling. I had to be home by a certain time, so I did my 3 miles and went home happy. I felt like I could have run forever though! I am definitely glad that I have kept up with the running over the winter on the treadmill. As much as I dreaded that thing, it paid off!

I kept my diet super tight on Sunday. Yesterday, I was so energized and hopped up on adrenaline during the morning that I forgot to eat. I was getting out of the car at the gym and my stomach growled and I was like "What's this? Why is my stomach growling?" Then I remembered my oatmeal was still sitting in the microwave! Darn it! My workout went amazingly well considering I had no fuel in me! Luckily, I found an apple in my purse, so as soon as I was done, I ate that so I could drive home and not be shaky and out of it!! A little spike of sugar does the trick! We ate sushi for lunch...YUM! I had popcorn and nuts for a snack (okay and a couple of tablespoons of chocolate chips) and then a taco salad for dinner.

Today is running, karate and then I am going to do the elliptical while I watch the Biggest Loser tonight. Not sure I can stay on it for the whole show, since it is 2 hours, but we'll see what happens!

Oh, so this new spark I have under me.....not only is the feeling of spring getting me fired up, but I have a new challenge! A girl, Denise (Hi, Denise...Holla!), that also works out with Diana, has issued me a challenge! We are seeing who can lose the most weight in 30 days! We are both at about the same place in our weight loss journey and need a little motivation! We haven't come up with the prize yet, but it is in negotiations. See, it's a little bit harder to come up with a prize when you take buying a meal out of the equation, which would be the easiest thing to do! We don't want our prize for losing weight to be to take the other out to dinner!! LOL! That wouldn't make sense. AND we have never actually met, in person, so that adds another level of difficulty when deciding what the loser will do for the winner!! LOL!

Okay, gotta hit the pavement! Hope everyone else is feeling this boost of energy from the change in seasons!! It is wonderful!! YAY SPRING!!


  1. YAY i love spring!!
    i think everyone is doing a "how much weight can u lose in 30 days" challenge :) haha! good luck!!!

  2. I'm so glad that you're doing well! I know you can win your challenge!