Friday, March 12, 2010

42 Days Out!'s cold again! What the heck?! I thought we were going to be done with the cold mornings! Oh well, at least there is daylight earlier! I am back to running daily early in the morning. I am trying to work up to 5 miles a day. Right now 3 miles is my comfy run. So, this week I ran 3 miles Monday and Tuesday to remind my body what it feels like to run outside every day! Then, Wednesday I ran 4 miles and yesterday I ran 4 miles plus an extra cul-de-sac!! I seem to be running around 7 1/2-8 minute miles. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly but it's great because I run the down hills as fast as I can and then use that momentum to run the ups as fast as I can as well! About half way up the hill I really have to dig in to keep the pace! It's a fun challenge! Plus I love the feeling of running fast down hill. It feels like my legs are 10ft long as they stretch out in front me! Plus, I can feel all my muscles in my legs when I'm running hills and that is a strong feeling! I run the flat parts at a steady pace to catch my breath.

Running daily helps me stay away from food with gluten or dairy too because I get cramps in my intestines when I run if I have eaten that stuff the day before. I don't know if anyone else has felt that feeling, but it is a terrible feeling to be running and not sure if you are going to poop your pants, throw up or pass out, all the while feeling an intense burning/cramping feeling!! So knowing I want to run in the morning, helps with my food choices!! Except yesterday!! Ugh! I ate some pizza AND some Sheridan's custard so this morning's run should be interesting! I am running later in the morning so I can drink some extra water and see if that helps!

Thursdays are my worst days for poor food choices. I eat so well Mon through Wed and then Thursday hits and I am sore from the week's training and tired and am just like screw it! LOL!

Today is Friday though, not Thursday, so I will be running and making excellent food choices! I need to get in 2 rounds of cardio today and the rest of this weekend because of my food choices on Thursday! Tomorrow night is our date night and I will be drinking some wine and having a cheat meal. I am going to make this cheat meal as healthy as possible though since I had the pizza and custard yesterday! So, probably some fish and veggies of some sort!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I freaking love Sheridans but I do know what you mean about feeling horrible about it the next day. I've noticed that when I do my hour of jazzercise, certain foods make me feel heavier so I try to not have a ton of dairy. I do have 2% cheese, skim chocolate milk, and yogurt. But other than that, I don't eat much cheese anymore. Yogurt is once or twice a week, and the milk is 5 days a week.