Monday, March 15, 2010

39 Days Out!

I am pretty sure I have a cold! I can't believe it....I've been trying to deny it was body has been brewing it up for a couple of days.....but as of this morning, I think it's official! I haven't had a cold in years.....or had any type of sickness for years. I can't believe I have a cold! So that means no gym for me today and however long this lasts, no running, no karate....ugh....what a week this is going to be!

On a good note, I think I have settled in to 4 miles being my new comfy distance. I didn't run on Friday due to rain, but I got out there Saturday after karate and it felt great! Ran my 4 miles in exactly 32 minutes! So, a little slower, actually, than Thurs but I hadn't eaten yet and had just done an hour of I felt really good about it! I wanted to use this week to work up to 5 miles, but doesn't look like that is going to happen!! I ran a total of 18 miles last week! Yay!

Ok, so on to my diet. I didn't eat so well on Friday. Justin was at the hospital all day with his mom (she fell and broke her hip) and we had all our clients home for the day (1 had no school and the other 2 were sick!), so I cleaned the house all day, but neglected what I was putting into my mouth. I only ate twice during the day and one of the meals was left over pizza. Then we got our relief staff to come over that night and after spending some time at the hospital, went to a mexican restaurant and ate. I did choose the salmon and veggies, but they were covered in a (delicious) fatty, creamy, wine sauce! I also ate chips and salsa and washed it all down with a margarita!

Saturday I went to karate and wore my body bugg. It said I burned 450 calories. I came home and ran 4 miles, which burned another 425 calories. Then I took my dogs for a short walk, which burned another 90 calories. So, it was a good day. My plan was to do all that again on Sunday, but when I woke up my head felt heavy and my nose was alternating between running and being stopped up. So I just layed around and took it easy. I did eat really well Saturday and Sunday though. We went out again on Saturday but I didn't go nuts, considering everthing we did that night! We did a wine tasting and had some light appetizers with that, then ate some fish and veggies at a restaurant, then went to a movie where we paid enormous prices for some popcorn and candy that we barely ate any of! But we got a taste anyway! Yesterday I wasn't feeling so good, but I didn't eat anything bad for me. I stuck to my oatmeal, and chicken and veggies all day. I need to get to the store and get ingredients to make myself a big pot of chicken and veggie soup today. I was craving it all day yesterday but didn't actually want to be the one to make it. Since I have yet to convince Justin to make it for me, I am going to suck it up and make it! Homemade soup is so delicious, but it's such a process with making the broth and shredding the chicken, etc, etc. It's worth it in the end though and that will be a life saver for me while I have this cold!

Even though I am canceling with Diana today, because I don't want to spread my germs all over their gym, I am hoping I feel a little better later this morning and can get downstairs and lift some light weights and maybe hop on the elliptical. My head just feels so heavy right now!


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