Friday, March 19, 2010

35 days out!

Holy Crap! I can't believe I only have 35 days left to train with Diana! This past month has definitely been the hardest to stay focused and stay on track of the entire year. Once I decided not to do the figure competition, I just deflated. Now I am trying to find that place in the middle. I am such an all or nothing person. I haven't lost or gained any weight in a month. So I guess I am being successful at maintaining, but I still haven't reached my "goal". BUT, I will keep pluggin' away. I think about it way too much and I'm sure that doesn't help! Being able to run outside everyday again sure helps. I feel soooo much better after a good run!

I think I am finally over my cold. Man, that was rough. It's been a couple of years since I have had a cold and this one hit me hard. I was in bed for 2 days! Tuesday was definitely the worst day, but none of it was fun. I was so sick of laying around by yesterday morning! I couldn't wait to get to karate and get moving!

So, I mentioned in my last blog (on Monday) that I was going to make some homemade soup before I felt too bad and did I ever!! I made a chicken, veggie, noodle (1 whole chicken, 2 cups each of carrots, celery, onion, peas, green beans, 6 oz of Reises noodles, 1 bay leaf, a couple sprigs of thyme, salt and pepper; I usually add a buillion cube but I forgot this time) and a turkey and veggie (2 pounds ground turkey, browned on the stove with 1 chopped onion; then I threw it in a crockpot with about 2 cups each of potatoes, carrots, celery, green beans, peas, 1 can fire roasted tomatoes, 1 bay leaf and a couple sprigs of thyme, oh and some water, I just filled the crock pot the rest of the way with water; and again I forgot to add a buillion!). Oh my gosh, they both were soooo good. That is pretty much all I ate for 4 days!! I am so glad I got my soup made when I did because by Monday afternoon, I was worthless.

Yesterday was so much better. I went to karate for 2 hours in the morning. Justin and I walked our dogs when I got home. Then I went for a jog around 6:30p. It was such a beautiful day! It felt so good to move again! Hopefully I will be able to get in my 4 miles this morning. I couldn't finish yesterday evening. I started getting that crampy feeling so I did a little over 2 miles and called it good. I can't wait for the days to get longer again and for it to be daylight at 6:30a again! I just do not like running in the dark. So, here I sit ready to go, waiting for the first peak of day light!! Come on sun......RISE!!! Now that I got a little taste of running outside again, I don't want to drag myself onto the treadmill! Nope, not going to happen, I'll wait patiently for day light!

It's going to be another beautiful day and it's FRIDAY! Even though everyday is pretty much the same for me, there will always be a special feeling associated with Friday! Plus, we are having our date night tonight, so I am excited for that! Again, it's funny, my husband and I work from home and are together 24 hours a day, but I always look forward to our date nights!!

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  1. Maintenance is just as important as losing! I'm sure that you look fantastic. :)