Friday, March 26, 2010

28 Days Out!

Time is flying! I have had a great week! Happy Friday! The weather is finally cooperating after the snow storm last weekend. Hopefully that is the last of the snow! Monday I only ran a couple of miles because it was "Let your dog run around the neighborhood" day. I don't like that feeling of not being sure if it's a friendly dog or not so after the 3rd dog barking at me, I went home! Tuesday was a different day though! I wanted to see if I could run my 8 mile loop again or if last Friday was just a freakishly good day. But, nope! I was able to do it again, and again it wasn't that hard. My hips were a little sore by the end, but that's it! Wednesday I ran 6 miles because it was raining the whole time. Yesterday, I ran 7 miles. My legs were so sore yesterday from a leg workout on Wednesday that by the time I got to the last couple of miles my quads were yelling at me, so I decided to cut the other mile out and just run the 7 miles. I feel pretty darn good about that though! I can't believe that just like that I became a 6-8 mile runner!!

I have been wearing my body bugg again when I do cardio. I want to burn more than 3500 calories per week. As of yesterday, I have already done that!! So the rest of the week's cardio is extra!! Now, if I would get my diet zoned in, I would be a weightloss queen!!! LOL!

My body was spent yesterday afternoon. After running in the morning, I went to karate for 2 hours and burned another 600 calories. By the time I got home and ate, I was sooo tired! So I took a nap for a couple of HOURS! I was still kind of tired when I woke up and my body was soooo sore, I was kind of nauseous! I started pounding water and ate a PB&J (Whole wheat bagel, natural peanut butter, and sugar free jam). I felt much better after that. I need to make sure I take in some glutamine each day, that would help with my soreness.

I don't normally like to eat before I run, but I get up at 5:15a and don't run until around 8am. So that's a long time to keep my body in fasting mode. I start to feel it toward the end of my run too. By the time I get home, I am feeling a little light headed and shaky. So I started taking 3 or 4 bites of an apple or pear right before I go out and that little burst of sugar is wonderful!! It really makes a difference! I make sure I eat a meal as soon as I get home.

It's date night tonight!! Yay! I so look forward to this night each week! We go to our favorite wine place and do a tasting and then share some light appetizers and a bottle of wine. Then we either go eat at a restaurant or go see a movie. Sometimes if we are feeling wild and crazy, we do both!! Ha! Tonight we have decided to do the wine thing and then go to our favorite french restaurant.

We are celebrating being together for 15 YEARS tonight!!! I can't believe it! Time just flies, but what a wonderful 15 years it has been! I can't imagine my life without him.

Oh, and today is also an exciting day because I am finally meeting my workout, facebook friend!! LOL! We both get trained by Diana Chaloux and talk almost everyday, but have never actually met. Todays the day! We are meeting for lunch. I can't wait to meet her!

It's going to be a busy and fun day! Hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend!


  1. Have fun meeting your new friend! Meeting online friends is fun- I have done it many times :)

    WTG on your running! :) You are doing amazing :) See you tomorrow!

  2. Hey! Check out my blog- I gave you a blog award. :)