Friday, March 26, 2010

28 Days Out!

Time is flying! I have had a great week! Happy Friday! The weather is finally cooperating after the snow storm last weekend. Hopefully that is the last of the snow! Monday I only ran a couple of miles because it was "Let your dog run around the neighborhood" day. I don't like that feeling of not being sure if it's a friendly dog or not so after the 3rd dog barking at me, I went home! Tuesday was a different day though! I wanted to see if I could run my 8 mile loop again or if last Friday was just a freakishly good day. But, nope! I was able to do it again, and again it wasn't that hard. My hips were a little sore by the end, but that's it! Wednesday I ran 6 miles because it was raining the whole time. Yesterday, I ran 7 miles. My legs were so sore yesterday from a leg workout on Wednesday that by the time I got to the last couple of miles my quads were yelling at me, so I decided to cut the other mile out and just run the 7 miles. I feel pretty darn good about that though! I can't believe that just like that I became a 6-8 mile runner!!

I have been wearing my body bugg again when I do cardio. I want to burn more than 3500 calories per week. As of yesterday, I have already done that!! So the rest of the week's cardio is extra!! Now, if I would get my diet zoned in, I would be a weightloss queen!!! LOL!

My body was spent yesterday afternoon. After running in the morning, I went to karate for 2 hours and burned another 600 calories. By the time I got home and ate, I was sooo tired! So I took a nap for a couple of HOURS! I was still kind of tired when I woke up and my body was soooo sore, I was kind of nauseous! I started pounding water and ate a PB&J (Whole wheat bagel, natural peanut butter, and sugar free jam). I felt much better after that. I need to make sure I take in some glutamine each day, that would help with my soreness.

I don't normally like to eat before I run, but I get up at 5:15a and don't run until around 8am. So that's a long time to keep my body in fasting mode. I start to feel it toward the end of my run too. By the time I get home, I am feeling a little light headed and shaky. So I started taking 3 or 4 bites of an apple or pear right before I go out and that little burst of sugar is wonderful!! It really makes a difference! I make sure I eat a meal as soon as I get home.

It's date night tonight!! Yay! I so look forward to this night each week! We go to our favorite wine place and do a tasting and then share some light appetizers and a bottle of wine. Then we either go eat at a restaurant or go see a movie. Sometimes if we are feeling wild and crazy, we do both!! Ha! Tonight we have decided to do the wine thing and then go to our favorite french restaurant.

We are celebrating being together for 15 YEARS tonight!!! I can't believe it! Time just flies, but what a wonderful 15 years it has been! I can't imagine my life without him.

Oh, and today is also an exciting day because I am finally meeting my workout, facebook friend!! LOL! We both get trained by Diana Chaloux and talk almost everyday, but have never actually met. Todays the day! We are meeting for lunch. I can't wait to meet her!

It's going to be a busy and fun day! Hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

35 days out!

Holy Crap! I can't believe I only have 35 days left to train with Diana! This past month has definitely been the hardest to stay focused and stay on track of the entire year. Once I decided not to do the figure competition, I just deflated. Now I am trying to find that place in the middle. I am such an all or nothing person. I haven't lost or gained any weight in a month. So I guess I am being successful at maintaining, but I still haven't reached my "goal". BUT, I will keep pluggin' away. I think about it way too much and I'm sure that doesn't help! Being able to run outside everyday again sure helps. I feel soooo much better after a good run!

I think I am finally over my cold. Man, that was rough. It's been a couple of years since I have had a cold and this one hit me hard. I was in bed for 2 days! Tuesday was definitely the worst day, but none of it was fun. I was so sick of laying around by yesterday morning! I couldn't wait to get to karate and get moving!

So, I mentioned in my last blog (on Monday) that I was going to make some homemade soup before I felt too bad and did I ever!! I made a chicken, veggie, noodle (1 whole chicken, 2 cups each of carrots, celery, onion, peas, green beans, 6 oz of Reises noodles, 1 bay leaf, a couple sprigs of thyme, salt and pepper; I usually add a buillion cube but I forgot this time) and a turkey and veggie (2 pounds ground turkey, browned on the stove with 1 chopped onion; then I threw it in a crockpot with about 2 cups each of potatoes, carrots, celery, green beans, peas, 1 can fire roasted tomatoes, 1 bay leaf and a couple sprigs of thyme, oh and some water, I just filled the crock pot the rest of the way with water; and again I forgot to add a buillion!). Oh my gosh, they both were soooo good. That is pretty much all I ate for 4 days!! I am so glad I got my soup made when I did because by Monday afternoon, I was worthless.

Yesterday was so much better. I went to karate for 2 hours in the morning. Justin and I walked our dogs when I got home. Then I went for a jog around 6:30p. It was such a beautiful day! It felt so good to move again! Hopefully I will be able to get in my 4 miles this morning. I couldn't finish yesterday evening. I started getting that crampy feeling so I did a little over 2 miles and called it good. I can't wait for the days to get longer again and for it to be daylight at 6:30a again! I just do not like running in the dark. So, here I sit ready to go, waiting for the first peak of day light!! Come on sun......RISE!!! Now that I got a little taste of running outside again, I don't want to drag myself onto the treadmill! Nope, not going to happen, I'll wait patiently for day light!

It's going to be another beautiful day and it's FRIDAY! Even though everyday is pretty much the same for me, there will always be a special feeling associated with Friday! Plus, we are having our date night tonight, so I am excited for that! Again, it's funny, my husband and I work from home and are together 24 hours a day, but I always look forward to our date nights!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

39 Days Out!

I am pretty sure I have a cold! I can't believe it....I've been trying to deny it was body has been brewing it up for a couple of days.....but as of this morning, I think it's official! I haven't had a cold in years.....or had any type of sickness for years. I can't believe I have a cold! So that means no gym for me today and however long this lasts, no running, no karate....ugh....what a week this is going to be!

On a good note, I think I have settled in to 4 miles being my new comfy distance. I didn't run on Friday due to rain, but I got out there Saturday after karate and it felt great! Ran my 4 miles in exactly 32 minutes! So, a little slower, actually, than Thurs but I hadn't eaten yet and had just done an hour of I felt really good about it! I wanted to use this week to work up to 5 miles, but doesn't look like that is going to happen!! I ran a total of 18 miles last week! Yay!

Ok, so on to my diet. I didn't eat so well on Friday. Justin was at the hospital all day with his mom (she fell and broke her hip) and we had all our clients home for the day (1 had no school and the other 2 were sick!), so I cleaned the house all day, but neglected what I was putting into my mouth. I only ate twice during the day and one of the meals was left over pizza. Then we got our relief staff to come over that night and after spending some time at the hospital, went to a mexican restaurant and ate. I did choose the salmon and veggies, but they were covered in a (delicious) fatty, creamy, wine sauce! I also ate chips and salsa and washed it all down with a margarita!

Saturday I went to karate and wore my body bugg. It said I burned 450 calories. I came home and ran 4 miles, which burned another 425 calories. Then I took my dogs for a short walk, which burned another 90 calories. So, it was a good day. My plan was to do all that again on Sunday, but when I woke up my head felt heavy and my nose was alternating between running and being stopped up. So I just layed around and took it easy. I did eat really well Saturday and Sunday though. We went out again on Saturday but I didn't go nuts, considering everthing we did that night! We did a wine tasting and had some light appetizers with that, then ate some fish and veggies at a restaurant, then went to a movie where we paid enormous prices for some popcorn and candy that we barely ate any of! But we got a taste anyway! Yesterday I wasn't feeling so good, but I didn't eat anything bad for me. I stuck to my oatmeal, and chicken and veggies all day. I need to get to the store and get ingredients to make myself a big pot of chicken and veggie soup today. I was craving it all day yesterday but didn't actually want to be the one to make it. Since I have yet to convince Justin to make it for me, I am going to suck it up and make it! Homemade soup is so delicious, but it's such a process with making the broth and shredding the chicken, etc, etc. It's worth it in the end though and that will be a life saver for me while I have this cold!

Even though I am canceling with Diana today, because I don't want to spread my germs all over their gym, I am hoping I feel a little better later this morning and can get downstairs and lift some light weights and maybe hop on the elliptical. My head just feels so heavy right now!

Friday, March 12, 2010

42 Days Out!'s cold again! What the heck?! I thought we were going to be done with the cold mornings! Oh well, at least there is daylight earlier! I am back to running daily early in the morning. I am trying to work up to 5 miles a day. Right now 3 miles is my comfy run. So, this week I ran 3 miles Monday and Tuesday to remind my body what it feels like to run outside every day! Then, Wednesday I ran 4 miles and yesterday I ran 4 miles plus an extra cul-de-sac!! I seem to be running around 7 1/2-8 minute miles. Our neighborhood is pretty hilly but it's great because I run the down hills as fast as I can and then use that momentum to run the ups as fast as I can as well! About half way up the hill I really have to dig in to keep the pace! It's a fun challenge! Plus I love the feeling of running fast down hill. It feels like my legs are 10ft long as they stretch out in front me! Plus, I can feel all my muscles in my legs when I'm running hills and that is a strong feeling! I run the flat parts at a steady pace to catch my breath.

Running daily helps me stay away from food with gluten or dairy too because I get cramps in my intestines when I run if I have eaten that stuff the day before. I don't know if anyone else has felt that feeling, but it is a terrible feeling to be running and not sure if you are going to poop your pants, throw up or pass out, all the while feeling an intense burning/cramping feeling!! So knowing I want to run in the morning, helps with my food choices!! Except yesterday!! Ugh! I ate some pizza AND some Sheridan's custard so this morning's run should be interesting! I am running later in the morning so I can drink some extra water and see if that helps!

Thursdays are my worst days for poor food choices. I eat so well Mon through Wed and then Thursday hits and I am sore from the week's training and tired and am just like screw it! LOL!

Today is Friday though, not Thursday, so I will be running and making excellent food choices! I need to get in 2 rounds of cardio today and the rest of this weekend because of my food choices on Thursday! Tomorrow night is our date night and I will be drinking some wine and having a cheat meal. I am going to make this cheat meal as healthy as possible though since I had the pizza and custard yesterday! So, probably some fish and veggies of some sort!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

45 Days Out!

I have been a blog slacker! I'll try to catch you up on what's been happening since last Wednesday.

It's finally feeling like spring! Yay! A little rain yesterday to wash all the gunk off the roads/sidewalks, I am feeling energized! It's amazing what a little sunshine and warmth can do for a girl!

Last Wed, Thurs, Fri were spent mostly in bed with a heating pad and a belly full of Ibuprofen! The joys of being a woman. So my diet was not so great and Wednesday was the only day I did any cardio or training. Lucky for me the cramps didn't set in until after my workout with Diana. I wasn't feeling so great but hadn't been run over by the cramp train yet! That came Thurs and Fri and boy did it hit me hard! Thankfully I have a job that I can do in my pajamas and then go right back to bed and an awesome husband that takes care of me when I am feeling this way! I was feeling better by Friday night and helped Justin put together our elliptical! Yay! I say "helped", I mainly sat there and handed him stuff and cheered him on!

I welcomed Saturday with open arms and got my butt up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then went to karate. I hopped back on the elliptical in the afternoon for about 30 minutes before we went out for our date night! I felt great! Since I didn't do cardio Thurs or Fri and my diet was much to be desired, I knew I had to make up for some calories! My weight was up by about 5lb, which was mostly water, but I wanted to get rid of it by my Monday weigh in with Diana. I did the elliptical for 50 minutes in the morning and then that evening while watching the Amazing Race show, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes on the spin bike. I got rid of all the water because by Monday morning I was back down to where I was last Monday! So, no weight loss for the week but during this time of the month, I'll take it!

Yesterday, I felt like a new person! So much energy! It is lighter by about 6:30a now so I was able to go running OUTSIDE in the morning. I felt soooo great! There is nothing that compares to that feeling. I had to be home by a certain time, so I did my 3 miles and went home happy. I felt like I could have run forever though! I am definitely glad that I have kept up with the running over the winter on the treadmill. As much as I dreaded that thing, it paid off!

I kept my diet super tight on Sunday. Yesterday, I was so energized and hopped up on adrenaline during the morning that I forgot to eat. I was getting out of the car at the gym and my stomach growled and I was like "What's this? Why is my stomach growling?" Then I remembered my oatmeal was still sitting in the microwave! Darn it! My workout went amazingly well considering I had no fuel in me! Luckily, I found an apple in my purse, so as soon as I was done, I ate that so I could drive home and not be shaky and out of it!! A little spike of sugar does the trick! We ate sushi for lunch...YUM! I had popcorn and nuts for a snack (okay and a couple of tablespoons of chocolate chips) and then a taco salad for dinner.

Today is running, karate and then I am going to do the elliptical while I watch the Biggest Loser tonight. Not sure I can stay on it for the whole show, since it is 2 hours, but we'll see what happens!

Oh, so this new spark I have under me.....not only is the feeling of spring getting me fired up, but I have a new challenge! A girl, Denise (Hi, Denise...Holla!), that also works out with Diana, has issued me a challenge! We are seeing who can lose the most weight in 30 days! We are both at about the same place in our weight loss journey and need a little motivation! We haven't come up with the prize yet, but it is in negotiations. See, it's a little bit harder to come up with a prize when you take buying a meal out of the equation, which would be the easiest thing to do! We don't want our prize for losing weight to be to take the other out to dinner!! LOL! That wouldn't make sense. AND we have never actually met, in person, so that adds another level of difficulty when deciding what the loser will do for the winner!! LOL!

Okay, gotta hit the pavement! Hope everyone else is feeling this boost of energy from the change in seasons!! It is wonderful!! YAY SPRING!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

51 Days Out!

Get comfortable, I think this is going to be a long post! I am emotional today and have a lot to talk about! LOL!

I have 8 weeks left with Diana. Time to get to work and get off the Eat-Whatever-I-Want bus! When I went in Monday, I had gained weight (again!) and Diana was NOT happy with me. Nor was I happy with myself! She gave me the verbal spankin' I needed to hear and got me refocused! I don't think Diana knew what she was getting into when she signed me up! She had to wear 2 hats on Monday...therapist and trainer! We talked the whole hour about food addiction and not sliding back into my patterns that got me to 200lbs (in between her kicking my butt all over the gym, of course!). It's a scary thought to think about how fast and easy that can happen. I do NOT want that to happen! I have been in a funk the past 3 weeks. I can't really pinpoint what is making me feel this way, except the disappointment I feel about not doing the competition. So I guess I pinpointed it! Ha! I was so pumped about it and I really let myself down by losing control. I think that's the part that bothers me the most. I have always had tough menstrual cycles, but I could not get a hold of myself mentally last month and that is very frustrating! I am going into my cycle again and the PMS has been pretty bad again this month. (I don't know if it's the change in seasons or what, but I am not alone in experiencing this...a couple of people around me are feeling the same way.) Especially the anxiety part, but again, I think I am remembering last month and am afraid I will lose control again this month! This month will be different, though, because I am at home and in my routine. Last month we were in Arizona and I just could not get a hold of myself....I am a control freak and especially during that time of the month, if I can't get control over myself, I tend to fall apart...apparently! Diana and I talked about self sabatoge too. I am Queen of sabatoge! When I start to get nervous that I am not going to succeed, I completely go in the other direction! So when there is that little voice in my head telling me to keep working hard, you can still look like a figure competitor by April, you can still do it.....the little devil in my head says oh you can' want FRENCH TOAST!! lol! Guess who wins that argument in my head!! And thus begins the 3 week food frenzy!!

I felt the need to get busy when I woke up Monday. I did my cardio in the morning and then went to work out with Diana. So, talking with her and listening to her gave me the extra excitement I needed to start striving for balance. I love eating healthy. It makes me feel so good. I need to remember that before I let myself get to the point of eating french toast, or whatever it is that I tell myself it's okay to eat. There is an element of excitment I place on foods like that. I feel like crap AFTER, but, for example, when I go to the restaurant where I like to order french toast, I feel excited. I can't wait to look over the menu and then order and then when I get my food, I still feel so excited that I am about to eat french toast. Even right after I'm done, I still feel's like I got away with something. Then the sugar sets in and my head gets swimmy and my stomach gets queasy and then I'm upset with myself.

The excitement that I feel towards food that aren't good for me, that don't make me feel good in the end.....that is one of the pieces of my journey that I need to figure out how to balance. And I know, it probably goes back to my childhood and blah, blah, blah....but I am an adult now and I can make the choice for what is best for ME! I can either find a healthier way to enjoy french toast (or whatever I am craving at the time) or have it as my once a week cheat meal.

I feel like this past year has been a true journey to getting healthy. It's not just about jumping in head first, going full throttle for a couple of months, losing a bunch of weight, and then it's over and I'm cured and fit and I can relax and eat whatever I want! It's been learning about myself and my patterns. I need to find balance. I am an all or nothing type person. I set huge goals and then hold my breath and tell myself just hold on until you get there!! Then I get there, exhale and throw everything out the window because I am so relieved I'm done, but I forgot to apply the lessons along the way! One thing I kept finding myself saying before I would eat something that I knew I shouldn't was...I'm sooo tired, I've been working on this for a year...waaaaa!! The truth is, I am going to be working on this for the rest of my life. I am not done when my sessions with Diana are over.

So, I am feeling good this week about where I am (with the exception of my cycle!) and have been eating great (which is probably why I am feeling good about where I am)! I have been doing cardio everyday, going to karate and training. I am going back to the basics. Keeping track of how many calories I burn each week and shooting for 3500-4000 per week. We bought an elliptical yesterday so that will be fun to use once Justin gets it put together! Also, another girl that Diana trains is at about the same place I am with her weightloss journey, so we are helping each other and keeping each other accountable too!

Does anyone else face these issues of food addiction and self sabatoge? If so, how are you working on it?