Tuesday, February 2, 2010

80 Days Out!

I start my 1400 calorie diet today! I am excited. Well, maybe excited is not the word. I am ready! My weight is just barely budging so I think cutting calories is just what I need to get the ball rolling. Plus, receiving my new diet plans from Diana feels like I'm starting something new and fresh and so that brings with it a little spark of excitement. She sends me several so I can have options!! LOL! I have them all printed out and picked out the two I think I'll like the best! I know I have only been doing a super strict comp diet for a month, but that is one long month! The same thing every single day! I try not to think of how long I still have to go. I am still on the one-day-at-a-time train! If I think about the fact that I still have 3 months of living like this, I instantly get tired!!

I did my 45 minutes of cardio yesterday. I did the treadmill intervals I have been doing. It felt so great! I worked legs and shoulders with Diana. It was brutal (but wonderful!). There is nothing like working out with that girl!! It's fun to watch myself in the mirror doing some of the exercises and seeing muscles pop out that I have never been able to see before!! LOL! This morning I am going to do an Insanity DVD to mix things up and then go to karate for two hours.

My diet was perfect yesterday. I did have cravings though. I drank some crystal light and chewed gum to curb that! It was so easy in the beginning! I have to stay focused. I have control over what I put in my mouth, so I just can not let myself lose it and eat something bad. Everything counts!! Justin starts a cutting diet that he got from his step brother next Monday and I can't wait! Right now he is doing a high protein/high fat/low carb diet, so eggs and bacon are being cooked every morning! I have never really cared about bacon, but man, it sure smells good!! Oh, and he cooks steaks....mmmmmm. I have had very good self control, though, never having even a bite!! It really helps seeing Diana twice a week. She gets me centered again. Just looking at her reminds me why I am doing this, why I am working so hard! It's going to be worth it to have a body like hers!!


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