Wednesday, February 3, 2010

79 Days Out!

Another pound bites the dust! I think I have officially left the 150's behind! I am only seeing 140's on the scale now, high 140's but I'll take it! 135lb is the goal I have been after this past year and as of this morning I am only 12 lbs away! That's not very much! Yay! It has seemed so far away these past few years, but now it's in my sights!! I'll be 135lb before I know it! Heck even the 140's seemed so far away a year ago and now I'm there! I am so proud!

I feel great this morning! Yesterday I did an Insanity DVD for my 45 minutes of cardio. Then I went to karate for 2 hours. When I was running my self defense charts I did a exercise combo from the insanity DVD (different from the one I did last week) in between each chart. I was by myself until 1/2 way through the charts and then another girl jumped in and boy am I glad she did! She kept me going! Then our instructor came in and saw the exercise combo we were doing so he had us incorporate it into the next class for our warmup! I kind of felt bad for everyone else that didn't see it coming! It was not easy! It sure feels good though! I used to be the fattest one in the class and now I am showing killer exercises to everyone!! A lot can happen in a year!

My diet was great yesterday. I quit listing my proteins, carbs and veggies because they are the same every day! So, if you are just starting to read this and want to know what I eat, you'll have to read back through previous blogs!! LOL! I could tell the calories had been cut, but I wasn't starving! I think I am really going to see some great results this week!

My legs are still sore from Monday's workout! Today is 45 minutes of cardio and then chest/triceps with Diana. Looking forward to it!


  1. I'm so excited for you to be in the 140s :) I showed Mattie your blog yesterday and she didn't even recognize you. She also asked me at Matt's party, "who is that girl with your family?" I was like that's Stacy!! She hadn't seen you since that bday party of mine at the jap steakhouse :)
    Way to go!

  2. I can't wait to see the next set of pictures! I'm so excited for you!