Thursday, February 4, 2010

78 Days Out!

I won't be posting again until next Monday as we are going to Arizona for a long weekend trip to see my inlaws! Can't wait to go! Sunshine and heat (hopefully!!)! I had a great day yesterday. It was busy, but fun. Did my 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. Worked chest and triceps with Diana. I'm pretty sure I got all my food in but I wasn't as good as having it at the right times like I normally do. None the less, I ate what I was supposed to and the amounts I am supposed to! I got some new clothes for our little trip yesterday. What a great feeling shopping is now! Last year, at the time, I was a size 14....this year a size 4/6!! It's so fun trying stuff on!! It's very motivating too!

A couple of years ago, Justin and I were shopping at my favorite store and I saw this wrap skirt. It basically was like a huge scarf that you just wrapped around and tied on the size fits all! I was asking one of the sales people about it and she was like....oh here, I'll show you....and she started to wrap it around my waist and it was too small. And not a little too small, like suck it in and make it was WAY to there was no way the ends were going to even touch!! I was so embarrassed, and Justin felt so bad for me. So, yesterday I am trying on a pair shorts and the sales lady was like....oh wait we just got in these cute scarfs that you wrap around as a belt and tie on the side....when she brought it, I felt my chest get tight, I got a little hot, and thought....oh no not again....but this time it wrapped right around and made a big fat bow on the side because there was so much extra scarf!!!! I was thrilled...I bought it....and probably just because of how it makes me feel! Justin was so happy for me! He said....Where's that wrap skirt now!! I just love him!

Today is 45 minutes of cardio....then on a plane! So I better get going. I will still be doing cardio every day and sticking to my diet! There are no cheat meals until April 23rd! Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck Stacy :) I am sure you will have so much fun in the WARMTH, meanwhile we will have snow here tomorrow! I'm so happy for you that you are a 4/6 now! You've worked so hard and you deserve it! Justin is awesome!