Friday, February 5, 2010

77 Days Out!

Hello from Arizona! I know I said I wouldn't be posting until Monday, but I have found myself with some time so I thought I would hop on here and update! Justin and his dad wanted to go eat breakfast at a restaurant that I would definitely not be able to eat anything at and Jane, his stepmom, had to take her dad to the doctor, so I decided to hang back and get my broccoli cooked for the day and eat my 9:30am meal! I got up and did my 45 minutes of cardio and ate my first meal of oatmeal and protein powder!

When we got in yesterday, we went straight to a mexican restaurant that we go to every time they pick us up from the airport. I knew we would be going there so I made sure and got in both of my morning meals before we boarded the plane so I would not be starving and make poor decision! I had bought tuna packets to stick in my purse so I could eat that on the way to the restaurant, but, of course, they are still sitting in our refrigerater at home! :( It all worked out though. I ordered a house salad with no dressing and a chicken breast with pico on it. I asked for no butter, oil, cheese, rice or beans. It was great! I had a great meal! It was a little hard to watch Justin and his dad eat the chips and salsa, but I am focused, so I wasn't even tempted!

Later in the day we planned our meals and went to the grocery store. I got everything I will need to eat while we are here! Last night everyone had steaks, I had a chicken breast and then we all had asparagus and sweet potatoes. I did have some cashews and almonds because I let myself get too hungry. I'll have to be more on top of that today. But no alcohol, crackers/cheese, chips/salsa for me during happy hour! I had crystal light and 2 dill pickles! Oh, and the almonds and cashews!

I am supposed to do back and biceps today and that is not going to happen. I did my cardio and we are going to the pool for the day! I'm not going to beat myself up about that. I feel good to be keeping my diet on track and getting in cardio! Maintaining a competition diet while on a weekend getaway visiting family is not easy. So I feel like I am doing good!

I am off to eat my next meal! Can't wait for everyone to get back so we can get to the pool and lay in the sun today!


  1. Im so jealous you are laying in the sun! We have 3" of snow SO FAR in olathe! you are doing great!

    oh and you commented on my blog so ill respond here. THANKS I am so excited to be 13lbs down. I am 194.7 as of today. Feels GREAT. My first goal was to lose 20 lbs, so I am almost there. I dont know what my reward will be. I already have SO MANY size 12 clothes that i dont need anymore I want to wear what I have because those in themselves are exciting and new because I couldnt wear them. Maybe a massage! I wanted to get Matt one for VDay, so maybe I will purchase myself a giftcard too and then use it after I get to that first GOAL. From there, I will set 10 lb increments. I am trying to not think about being 140-145, just do a little at a time!