Saturday, February 6, 2010

76 Days Out!

This will be a quick post as I don't feel so great this morning. It's that time of the month. I have cramps and a bad attitude about it this morning! I did so well yesterday until it got into the night and we were playing poker and I ate some M&M's!! My menstrual cycle (MC) wanted them, I couldn't help it. I honestly felt like I could cry I wanted them so bad. So I ate them and some cashews and almonds. I know it's bad and that's probably why I don't feel so well this morning! Damn it! I have all kinds of food I could have eaten, but I wanted M&Ms! Everyone was trying to stop me and help me and offering other options, but there was no turning back at that point. So that is done and today is a new day. I don't feel like doing any cardio though. I feel like laying around like a lazy pig and soaking up the sun! We'll see what happens.

Other than my little episode, I did my 45 minutes of cardio yesterday and ate all my meals. For dinner, we went to a greek restaurant for my FIL's birthday. I did not eat any appetizer even though I felt like I could eat the table! I had some of Justin's salad when everyone's salads came and then I had a salad for my main course. It was huge and I was so hungry I felt like I could have eaten the whole thing, but I didn't!! I ate all my meals yesterday and I was still so hungry by dinner. Being out in the sun all day and we walked quite a bit yesterday too, so that may have something to do with it. Still no alcohol and I must say I very proud of my self for that! Damn those M&M's! Damn my MC!! I had cramps all day yesterday but laying out in the sun seemed to be good for it and taking ibuprofen all day helped too! So more ibuprofen and laying in the sun today! Today should be no problem for food. We are eating at home all day today and my food is already fixed so I'll be on track today!

That's it from Arizona! Only a couple of day left and then back to cold Missouri! :(


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