Sunday, February 21, 2010

61 Days Out!

Man, where has my motivation gone? I just don't have the drive and enthusiasm I had. I am not liking it!! I haven't gained any weight in the past 2 weeks, but I haven't lost any weight either! Ugh!

I have been going to karate and getting in good workouts in there but my cardio at home is pathetic. First of all, I don't feel like doing it at all and then IF I get up enough energy to drag myself down to the treadmill I am not doing the killer interval workout I was doing. I did do one really great workout last week, the spin bike, treadmill, stairs thing, but that was the best cardio workout I did at home. I haven't done an Insanity DVD in weeks. And lifting weights at home, yeah, not happening at all!! And I'm just hurting myself by doing that because then when I go workout with Diana, I am DYING!! What is the deal? Is anyone else feeling this way?

I am so ready for spring! I am ready to feel that energized feeling that spring always brings!

Hopefully this little funk I have allowed myself to settle into goes away because I am not done, I have 20 more pounds I want to lose and 10% more body fat to get rid of!! So, if anyone out there finds any extra energy lying around, send it my way! I am in need of an energy boost!!

It's snowing like crazy here again and while it's beautiful, I'm over it!! :) I want to run outside again so bad. Please go away winter. I will happily welcome you back next year, but you have over stayed your welcome for this year!!


  1. that is a great pic of you :)
    i am so over winter to the point here i could whine and possibly cry over it. i want warm weather and to be able to take long walks/jogs!

    it stinks you are lacking motivation right now. maybe you are subconsciously REALLY enjoying not "having" to do it because the competition was pushed back a little? i know that i would totally be that way. even with school. if our teacher postpones a critique and gives us an extra week, i am doing everythin BUT working on that project! haha. you will get back in the groove! warm weather will eventually get here (march is next week!!!) and you will find that spark again :)

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  3. Find a new source of inspiration. Buy a pair of jeans that are too small. Look at pictures. Continue to take your weekly pictures. Sign up for a competition in June instead of April. You just need to find something to be committed to, that's all.

    Maybe a half marathon in June? Hospital Hill is June 5th.