Tuesday, February 23, 2010

59 Days Out!

I had a great day yesterday! These pictures are after doing the Insanity DVDs!! I wanted to capture how sweaty I was, but the picture only show my wet hair!! I love the sweat I get from those dvds. My whole body has a sheen because I'm so sweaty!! Love it! My little abs are trying their best to peek out! Come on out abs!! It's like that last little pooch around my belly button will not go away! The muscles are under there, I can feel them, but I can't see them!!

I ate pretty good yesterday! My carbs were oats, sweet potatoes, an apple, whole grain bagel, a snack size bag of BBQ chips; proteins were protein powder, egg whites, chicken, turkey; veggies were broccoli. I also had some peanut butter and high fructose corn syrup...I mean jelly on that whole grain bagel! That meal is why I had some BBQ chips as well. The bag of chips was 140 cal and it was so good with the PB&J. It was such a treat! I did an Insanity dvd that was an hour long yesterday and then a 15 minute Abs DVD! Wow! It was awesome! I didn't lift any weights, but that dvd was a lot of legs and then of course the abs dvd was a lot of abs! I highly recommend the Insanity dvds for anyone that is stuck in a rut with their cardio and wants a killer workout! All of the workouts are awesome and some are only 20 minutes and then a couple are up to an hour long. I am so glad I bought it!

Today is 55 minutes of cardio at home and then off to karate for an hour of working out with the girls and then an hour of regular class! I need to get back into the routine of lifting weights at home! Seeing these progress pictures sure motivates me! I really want those abs out by April so when I get my transformation pictures taken I have abs!!

I will try to take my normal progress pictures this Sunday. I want to see if there have been any little changes even though my weight hasn't changed in a couple of weeks. So I need to get some good cardio and training in before then!

Okay, gotta go hop on the treadmill!


  1. we so have dad's skin. everytime i work out i turn pink and speckly :) YOU LOOK FREAKING FANTASTIC! i cant believe that's my sister!

  2. Thanks Vann! And about the skin tone, I know!! I am the only fair skinned person in my morning karate class so I turn almost purple during a good workout and everyone else looks kissed by the sun! LOL!