Wednesday, January 13, 2010

100 days out!

Time is flying! I feel good about how I am doing. I haven't had one cheat in my diet and my workouts have been intense all week!

I had my "bad day" of my MC yesterday/last night so hopefully that is behind me and I can have an awesome workout with Diana today! The scale actually went down this morning but that's probably because the last meal I ate revisited me last night! I hate my MC!!

I will say I haven't had one weak moment during this MC that has had me reaching for anything unhealthy, or reaching for anything at all! I haven't had any cravings this month, it's unreal! My mind is so focused. I haven't allowed myself to even think of any other kind of food except what is on my meal plan for the day. And if something accidently pops in my head and I say, outloud, to Justin that I want to eat it on April 23rd! Then it's gone! I think it's easier to tell myself I will have it in a few weeks than thinking I "can't" have it.

So, diet was point on all day. Ran out of oats for the morning so had dry fiber one (the littel twigs) for my carb. The rest of the day my carbs were sweet potatoes and brown rice. My proteins were protein powder, chicken, ground turkey. The veggies were broccoli and spinach. Drank a gallon of water and took my vitamins. Feeling really good about this diet! It's not too hard yet! I am really liking all the food I am eating.

I did an Insanity DVD and a shoulder workout. It was hard and felt great! My legs are still sore from my workout on Monday! Yesterday I had a hard time sitting and getting back up and just walking around in general! This weekend is definitely going to be a lot of relaxing and letting my muscles rest after 4 days of lifting this week. My body is going to be tired!

I am still dealing with cramps today but hopefully nothing like yesterday. Usually after I am past the "bad day" I start feeling better. So hopefully these go away with some Ibuprofen. I am off to do 35 minutes of steady state cardio on the treadmill. We haven't purchased our elliptial yet! Can't wait for that. I need something different than the treadmill!


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