Friday, January 15, 2010

98 days out!

Yesterday was a learning experience for me. I am still trying to get my timing down with workouts/work/karate/eating/life!! So I did my cardio, ate my first meal and then went to karate an hour early to run my moves, forgetting that I have another meal in that time period to eat! So I was at karate for 2 hours with no food. Since I am starting my training for 3rd black and will be going into karate an hour early two days a week, I need to pack my 2nd meal and eat it in between running my stuff and actual class.

My body was also really tired yesterday. I did one of the Insanity DVDs for my interval cardio and then 2 hours of karate. I was thinking I would do chest/triceps yesterday, but I am going to listen to my body and do those today. It would have been too much yesterday. Plus I do better when I workout in the morning so trying to rush around and cram all that in to get to karate an hour early is ridiculous.

So, today I did my steady state cardio for 35 minutes already, I'm getting ready to eat oats and protein powder and then I'll do chest and triceps after I work for awhile.

The scale is starting to go down as I lose the water I have been retaining all week! That is exciting to see! I felt a little worn out yesterday but slept really good last night!! Still feeling really good so far! Hope this feeling keeps up! I am so focused. I really think I can do this!

Oh, and did I mention how sore I am? Sooooo, sore!! This week is a total shock to my body! I had really been slacking off! Saturday and Sunday will be a good rest from lifting so I can be ready for Legs on Monday!



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