Saturday, January 16, 2010

97 days out

Yay! It's Saturday and time to rest! My body needs it! I am sooooo sore. There is not one muscle that isn't sore this morning! Well, actually my legs are feeling pretty good, finally. My upper body, on the other hand, is so sore it's painful to do anything!

I went to my younger brothers 21st birthday party last night at a bar and didn't have one drink. It was strange not doing a shot with him or having a drink, but I have to stay focused. I don't think he minded, he appeared to be feeling good and having a great time!! I also ate right before I went so I wouldn't be tempted by any bar food and I chewed gum the whole time too. Gum is a life saver!

I felt pretty tired yesterday. I think all the muscle soreness kind of added to that too. I just didn't feel like doing anything, because every time I moved it hurt.

My diet still seems to be a no brainer. I am eating what I am supposed to eat. My proteins yesterday were protein powder, chicken, ground turkey; veggies were broccoli; carbs were oats and brown rice. I drank a gallon of water and took my vitamins! I did 35 minutes of steady state cardio and did chest and triceps. The cardio was harder than it has been, but again I think being so sore had a lot to do with that. The chest/tricep workout went great.

I have karate this morning and then nothing. I am going to rest and drink lots of water and eat my food and let my body heal today! I am still feeling really good even with all the soreness. My mind is clear and focused.

I will be taking progress pictures tomorrow and posting them. I am pretty excited about that. I think there will be a noticable difference. The scale continues to go down and even Justin said I looked skinnier the other day and I noticed that too. It's hard for me to see changes sometimes because I am constantly looking at myself and posing in front of the mirror! LOL! But I looked different yesterday, so that's exciting!! It's coming off! I can't wait to see those muscles as they get uncovered! Come on fat, GET OFF MY MUSCLES!! LOL!

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  1. I definitely noticed a difference last nite, and I only see you every couple months. I think you look fantastic :)
    Way to go on not being tempted with bar food. I was proud of how I ate last nite. I wanted a BURGER and fries but settled for salad with grilled chicken and had 2 mozz sticks :)