Wednesday, January 20, 2010

93 Days Out!

Oh WOW are my legs sore! I love and hate the feeling! Ha! I had a great day yesterday. My energy level was up and I was feeling good! I did an Insanity DVD in the morning for my 35 minutes of interval cardio then went to karate for 2 hours. Ran my moves for the first hour and attended class for the second hour. I remembered to bring food this time! So, in between running moves and class I ate an apple, broccoli and a protein shake. I felt great! Only, I forgot I was supposed to lift weights! I was so proud of myself for getting my morning schedule worked out so I could fit everthing in, but forgot I had planned on doing back/biceps! I guess I will be doing those Thursday and shoulders Friday! I am still trying to get a routine going!

While out grocery shopping, we stopped and got some sashimi. I had 3 salmon, 3 tuna, and 3 white fish, a small house salad, and edamame. That is the first time I have strayed from my chicken/sweet potato/broccoli diet, but hopefully it's not really a cheat. We'll see what my body thinks about it this week! I also bought some different frozen veggies yesterday so I can mix it up and not eat broccoli so much. Justin is thankful for that as well! Yesterday, I roasted zuccini, squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, onion and a little broccoli. It was yummy! I sliced the sweet potatoes with my mandoline and roasted those too, so I had chips! I love them!

I got the new Oxygen magazine. I love looking through that. It's very motivating! I also got a new flavor of gum...berry! It's a little delicious treat!

The scale has not gone down all week. Maybe that's good. I need to learn to let that go and not rely on that number to dictate how I feel each day. It hasn't gone up either, it's just stayed exactly the same!

Today is steady state cardio for 35 minutes and Chest/Triceps with Diana. I feel good this morning. A little tired and a lot sore, but my energy level is up and I feel like (after this cup of coffee) I am ready to get going with my day!


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