Thursday, January 21, 2010

92 Days Out!

Good Morning! I got up an half hour earlier today so I have more time to drink coffee, write my blog, read other blogs, play on facebook and just wake up! I was feeling too rushed. I am eventually going to have to get up even an half hour earlier than this in order to get all my cardio in so I am working myself into it!!

I had a great day yesterday. Did my 35 minutes of steady state cardio by running/walking stairs. That was hard! I probably won't do that again for awhile! It kicked my butt! I worked chest and triceps with Diana. She kicked my butt as usual! It is such a weird feeling to NOT be able to push yourself up from a pushup. I was telling myself to push up and nothing was happening! Ha! My chest muscles and triceps were toast by then! At the end she had me get on the stairclimber with a 20lb vest on! Now THAT kicked my butt! It was one of the hardest cardio sessions I have ever done! We are measuring body fat on Monday and I am excited to see how much I have lost. The scale is against me, but I know I am making progress. Hopefully I am retaining muscle and losing body fat!! Diana is having me add another day of cardio so I am doing 6 days of cardio instead of 5. I may have already written about that in a previous blog. That doesn't bother me a bit. I actually like doing cardio.

Justin really helped me put things in perspective yesterday. We were talking about how I keep hearing and reading that this will be the hardest thing I ever do, but it will be worth it and Justin said well those people haven't been through a black belt test! Ha! True! A black belt test is a lot harder physically and then nursing school was a lot harder mentally. So this isn't the hardest thing I have ever gone through, it's just happening right now!! I have been through two black belt tests and graduated nursing school, if I can make it through those things, I can make it through just about anything! I think it's just the unknown that takes a toll on me! The anticipation of not knowing what is ahead. I understand that there will be cutting calories involved and more cardio and harder workouts, but not knowing how my body and mind will react causes me a little anxiety! I am just taking one day at a time though and we'll see what happens.

I have a feeling that one day I am going to wake up and see dramatic changes. That's kind of what happened last summer when I started this whole weight loss thing. I looked the same for months and then all of a sudden, I looked totally different and everyone was like "WHOA! What are you doing? You look tiny! How much weight have you lost?", etc. I went down 2 sizes in pants and starting wearing size small workout clothes. It was literally like it happened over night. So, that's what I'm hoping for again! I don't know what my body is waiting for though, hurry up already! I can't possibly be actually gaining weight like the scale says because I am eating perfect and doing all my workouts, so it's just not possible.

Okay, my hour of waking up is over! Time for 35 minutes of interval cardio, followed by back/biceps, followed by 2 hours of karate! I love Thursdays! I love getting to karate an hour before everyone else and cranking up my music and just busting out my moves. It's such a great feeling!

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  1. Im no expert but if you are gaining weight it would make sense that it's all muscle!
    I totally remember that too- I saw you and you were like you normally were, and then I saw you at Matt's surprise party and its like you were a totally different person! It was a little scary because you didn't look like my sister anymore! But now I am used to it :) You look great. :)