Friday, January 22, 2010

91 Days Out!'s worth getting up at 5:30a to enjoy my 2 cups of coffee! I had a great day yesterday. Did my 35 minutes of interval cardio, lifted weights (back/bi), and went to karate for two hours. I ate all my food and drank a gallon of water. My energy level was up and I felt awesome!

The scale went up a pound yesterday morning, but I'm not worried, because then it went down a pound this morning! Diana (my trainer), told me not to get on the scale until Monday, but I can't help it, I am addicted to my scale! It has been good to have this crazy week with the scale because I am caring less about what it says. I can tell I am looking leaner. My stomach is flatter and I think I see some abs trying to peak out!! YAY! Can't wait to take pictures on Sunday and see differences! Can't wait for my back fat to start coming off too. Such a terrible place to carry fat, you can't even suck that in!! I was flexing my back last night and I could see some muscles moving! So that's good, my back is getting leaner!

My carbs yesterday were oats, sweet potatoes and an apple; veggies were broccoli, yellow squash, zuccini, green beans and mushrooms; proteins were protein powder and ground turkey. I really enjoyed all my meals yesterday. I love all my veggies roasted. I even roasted the baby green beans (the really thin ones) and they were delicious. Like a green bean french fry!! Ha! Sweet potatoes are my fav. They fill me up and taste so good. I don't think I'll ever get sick of them!

Today is 35 minutes of interval cardio and shoulders. Better get going, my hour of waking up is over!!
Happy Friday!

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