Thursday, January 28, 2010

85 Days Out!

This will be a quick entry as I need to get started on my 40 minutes of cardio. I fell off the wagon yesterday...actually I just leaned over the edge! I had salad with oil/vinegar dressing, 4 oz of regular spaghetti, 4 oz of regular meat sauce and 2 pieces of garlic bread with butter. I felt like shit after! My head was swimming and I felt very revved up from all the simple carbs (SUGAR!). My body was NOT happy with me.

I still lost another pound though! Yay!

I did my 40 minutes of interval cardio on the treadmill and lasted the 20 minutes I had set for my goal. The other 20 minutes was a mixture of jogging and walking but at a much slower pace!! I worked back and biceps with Diana. The rest of my diet was good yesterday. I just had a week moment around 4pm. I was probably just tired and should have taken a nap!

Today I am doing my 40 minutes of interval cardio and 2 hours of karate. I am going to see how I feel and I may lift weights. I might save the lifting for Friday and Saturday!

That's it, gotta go jump on the treadmill!


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