Tuesday, January 26, 2010

87 Days Out!

Holy Legs! I am feeling my workout this morning! Not as bad as I will be feeling it tomorrow morning but I can feel that I worked legs yesterday. I had a great day yesterday. Diana took all measurements and just as I had hoped they all went down! Yay! I am finally seeing the progress and it feels good! I really lost in my waist/hip area and I can tell just by my clothes but it was good to see the numbers go down as well! I really need to lose in that area!

I did my 40 minutes of steady state cardio in the morning and did legs with Diana. We are going to increase my cardio a little faster than originally planned because I need to be getting this fat off of me a little faster. I am only 13 weeks out and around 25% body fat. So I am stepping up the cardio training this week to do as much interval as possible. Next week I will be increasing the time to 45 minutes/6 days a week and again as much interval as my body can take! I need to really bust it out and every cardio session should feel like it's the hardest I have ever done.

My diet was perfect yesterday. I am loving how easy the diet part has been for me. I really thought that would be the hardest. My carbs were oats, apple, and sweet potatoes; my proteins were protein powder, egg whites, chicken and ground turkey and my veggies were broccoli, green beans and mushrooms. I drank a gallon of water and took all my vitamins. I felt really good but was tired by 8pm. I went to bed at 8:30p to relax, crochet and watch some TV and couldn't keep my eyes open. I dozed in and out for about an hour and was asleep by 9:30p. I feel well rested this morning though and getting up at 5:15a wasn't hard! My diet is staying the same for now. Diana didn't drop my calories yet.

So I need to hit my cardio hard today. I normally do an Insanity DVD for my interval cardio, but I think I will do some treadmill work this morning. I am going to warm up, then raise the incline to 10% and run at 6 for 2 min, then lower it all and walk at 4 for 1 min.....and do that back and forth for 30 minutes, then jog the last 10 minutes at 5mph for a cool down. I am ready for spring and earlier sunrises so I can get outside first thing in the morning!

I received an email that my shoes have shipped! Can't wait to get those and start walking! Not sure about my suit still. I ordered one about a month ago not really knowing what I was doing. I need to talk with Diana about that and see if she has any advice on the matter. I just have no idea what I am doing. I probably should not have bought the suit but I was afraid, with it being competition season, that the suits would get sold out fast. There are a lot of custom-made places out there and Diana has given me the name of one, but they are pricey. I need to look into the places that rent them. I still have some time to think about it but I don't know how soon I need to have everything in place. I have my hair appointment made with my favorite hair stylist! I have my tanning appointment made as well, which reminds me I need to pay her to keep that appointment!! So I need appointments for waxing, nails, pedicure and makeup. There are so many little steps to getting ready besides just getting my body ready! I am still 13 weeks out so I have plenty of time!

Okay, that's it for today. I am going to do cardio now, eat, lift weights (back/bi), go to karate and run all my stuff, eat, take my karate class and then come home and eat!! Busy morning!


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